In Print: Clips from Food Sections

17wedd600.15. – The Chicago Tribune Food and The First Family “And all this interest may have even more to do with Michelle than Barack. Some polls have shown the first lady is even more popular than her husband, and for all the focus on her fashions and her biceps, she’s made food a prime area of interest — especially with her new White House kitchen garden.”

4. – The Boston Globe A Recipe for getting Tweens Shaking and Baking “If tweens just starting their summer vacations put down their Wii controllers and cellphones, Katie Wilton has an old-fashioned idea for staying busy: cooking. And that includes learning to make cream cheese-filled strawberries and other things they will never see on a fast-food menu.”

3. – The LA Times Smart Steak Cuts for Lean Times “In the old days, say about this time last year, it wasn’t so hard to throw a bang-up backyard barbecue: You just picked up some nice, thick 28-day dry-aged prime New York strip steaks, lighted a fire, grilled to medium rare and then made an extended curtain call, trying to appear humble as your guests stomped and cheered.  These days, in case you haven’t heard, things are different.”

2. – The NY Times With This Burger, I Thee Wed “As the wedding season gets into full swing, many brides and bridegrooms are taking a decidedly down-home approach. Bring on the grilled steak, sweet potato fries and Rice Krispie treats (not to mention the checkered tablecloths). It’s enough to have the most sophisticated bride scrambling for her grandmother’s Betty Crocker cookbook.”

1. – The Washington Post Take the Roast Outside “Picture friends sipping daiquiris and chatting as the final flourishes are made on a June supper for eight, to be served in a brightly appointed dining room or maybe al fresco. Conviviality is just a pretext for this gathering; the ulterior motive is, in actuality, to show off a newly acquired culinary skill.”

photo from The NY Times


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