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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Herald Palate Initiative “Who will you vote for come November? Sometimes you just need to go with your gut. You’ve weighed the candidates’ positions and heard them speak, but perhaps you’ve failed to take into account one of the most important issues: what they like to eat. A politician’s relationship to food can say a lot about him or her. Forthwith, a voter’s gastronomic guide to the candidates, plus dishes from their hometown chefs.”

4. – The Chicago Tribune Gateway to Asia “Asian cuisines offer myriad exotic flavors and techniques that are accessible to the home cook. Ethnic enthusiasts have always combed the aisles of Asian stores for great equipment values and exciting ingredients, but the stacks of woks and strange jars and bottles can be a bit daunting to the uninitiated.”

3. – The LA Times A Mayo Clinic: Basic Homemade Mayonnaise “Eating homemade mayonnaise is the kind of luxurious pleasure — like eating chocolate in the bath — that shouldn’t require apology. Rich yet subtle in flavor, with a pillowy texture, homemade mayo is nothing like the pale, cloying stuff you get out of a jar.”

2. – The NY Times The Local Food Movement Reaches into the Breadbasket “Today, nearly all of the nation’s wheat is grown on vast fields and milled in factories in the Midwest. Over the past few years, though, farmers and millers like Mr. Earnhart and Mr. Lewis have begun restoring wheat fields and reviving flour mills around the country.”

1. – The Washington Post You don’t know beans… “Beans, even heirloom varieties, are no easy sell. In America, according to food historian Ken Albala, beans have long been stigmatized as a cheap protein for people too poor to afford meat. It doesn’t help that canned ones tend to be mushy, while dried varieties take hours to cook, something that doesn’t jibe with the American apotheosis of the 30-minute meal.”

Photo from The NY Times

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