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Junior League of Washington’s Tossed & Found Sale

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Happy Thanksgiving…

I’m headed to Spain for Thanksgiving to visit my little sister, but before I left, I wanted to share this great promo that Haute Papier is running for the next week… Get 150 coasters for the price of 100.  Simply enter the promo code “thankful” when ordering on our website here.   These coasters make a great hostess gift during the holiday season!

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Upcoming Food Events

October is Virginia Wine Month! – From foliage picnics to a Wine & Garlic Festival, Virginia wine country is the place to be weekends in October. Check out events here.

StarChefs.com Rising Stars Gala – Tuesday, October 26th head to the Roof of Charlie Palmer for a star-studded event including tastes of Highland Park Scotch Whisky. The event will also include libations and bites from up-and-coming chefs and mixologists from such venues as VOLT, Bibiana, 2941, PS 7’s, Trummer’s on Main and more. Go here for more info.

Saks Fifth Avenue, Tysons Key to the Cure– Saks annual fundraiser for breast cancer research through a great organization called Life With Cancer.  This year’s event at the Tysons store is Thursday October 21 features great nibbles from Purple Onion Catering, Bazin’s on Church, Chima Brazilian Steakhouse, PassionFish, Georgetown Cupcake and many more.  Event is from 6 until 8 and tickets are $50.  All guests get a $25 Saks gift cards and great gift bags. To RSVP or for more information, please email rsvptysons@s5a.com or call 703.269.1206

Celebrate Octoberfest at Redwood in BethesdaRedwood will be celebrating the season this 200th Octoberfest!  October 13 through 31 Redwood will feature their twist on traditional German favorites like Leberknodel, Chicken Bratwurst and local Octoberfest-style beers!

The Vices That Made Virginia – Celebrate The Vices That Made Virginia at a fundraiser for Arcadia Center for Susatainable Food & Agriculture on Saturday, November 6, 2010 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Woodlawn. Go here for more info.

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From the Kitchen of: Kumar Iyer

Today’s Chef Feature comes from Rangoli’s Executive Chef and Owner, Kumar Iyer.  I recently visited this hidden gem in South Riding and had the best Indian meal I’ve ever eaten.  The Bombay Burger is straight from the streets of Bombay – it’s a delicious potato/garlic/cilantro patty lightly fried with a gentle crunchy crust served on a slightly sweet, but super light roll.  And don’t miss the Gulab Jamun – the hot/cold Indian classic of warm milk-based dough balls in a honey syrup with ice cream – it’s unbelievable!

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?
Favorite tool would be the knife, as we use them the most, our restaurant is not very advanced to use modern gadgets. But I’ll say the ‘Wet Grinder’. Wet grinder because it’s unique to Indian kitchens; we use them to grind pre-soaked rice and lentils to make crepes (dosa) and steamed savory cakes (Idly).

What is the most overrated food/technique in restaurants today?
Small plates and foam dishes.

If you were to open a restaurant with a different type of cuisine than what you are cooking now, what would it be?
Deli sandwich/subs, soups and frozen yogurt.

What is your favorite local product or purveyor to work with?
Fruits like watermelon, mango and strawberries when in season. I like ‘restaurant depot’ a lot more for prices than the product; the reality is – staying in business is as important as dishing quality food.

What is your biggest customer pet peeve?
Service level expectations, especially Asian customers. I’ve had a guest tell me just yesterday, I didn’t spend as much time on his table as I spent with few others.

What do you drink/eat after work?
A chilled beer and home cooked food.

What is your favorite thing to cook at home?
Dal Tadka and Roti.

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From the Kitchen of: Tarver King

downloadFrom the French Laundry to The Inn at Little Washington to The Fat Duck in England to The Goodstone Inn & Estate and Hilltoppers Restaurant in Middleburg, Virginia, Tarver King has been cooking up a storm!  Since taking the reigns at Hilltoppers back in October, Chef King set the standard of cooking “approachable cuisine that involves the guest in bold, straight-forward and rounded flavors,” stimulating all five senses. “My food will always be extremely fresh- what is growing in kitchen gardens and what is in season locally.  This is how I love to cook… fresh, aromatic and tender vegetables, herbs, fruits, fish and meats.  I want to bring what’s growing outside on The Goodstone’s estate inside to Hilltoppers’ table, creating a seamless sensory experience for our guests.”  We were able to snag a few minutes of his time for our usual questions.

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?
My favorite kitchen gadget has to be a pressure cooker. I have a couple of small six quarts, and a massive 42 quart cooker that some say looks like a space ship! Pressure cookers are quite unique in the way that they cook foods four times faster than normal, which in a professional environment can free time to focus on other things. In the small cookers we cook beets in fifteen minutes, chick peas in ten, and potatoes in about eight! In the big cooker we make stocks that are crystal clear and made in a quarter the amount of time. Stocks are great because at full pressure (about 15 pounds) the temperature inside reaches two hundred fifty degrees, forty eight degrees higher than normal, and at that temperature it pulls every bit of flavor and gelatin from the bones. The contents inside the cooker don’t move. No bubbles and no vibrations so particles from the bones, and meat don’t cloud the stock. the steam that usually escapes from a stock pot has allot of flavor trapped in moisture particles. if you’ve ever walked into a kitchen that has a stew cooking and said “wow it smells good in here!” actually the stew is loosing a lot of flavor in the steam but not in a pressure cooker because all the aroma is trapped inside. In a normal stock pot a good strong veal, or beef stock can take two days. In a pressure cooker it can be made in about four hours. I love these things!

What is the most overrated food/technique in restaurants today?
Searing meat to hold in juices, which is an old myth that is not true at all. If it was true you would never have a dry piece of meat no matter how long you cooked it. Cooking meat slowly retains much more juices; and has a much better texture. but the searing of a piece of meat does add a good roasty flavor. So to achieve both benefits in a nut shell so to speak. Cook meat slowly to the desired temperature, then rest the meat to temper the heat inside, then quickly searing to “color” the outside.

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Head out to Virginia this weekend

We’ve raved about it time and time again… We love the Gold Cup Races held in The Plains, Virginia.  And it’s tomorrow!

If you’re planning on attending, plan on entering the tailgate competition.  We promise, if you like the races, you’ll like the prizes!  For more information on how to enter, email Dianne Murphy at dianne@bendurepr.com

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An Evening of Polo

A while back I told you about Twilight Polo out in The Plains, Virginia… Well, this weekend we finally made it out there as I was a judge for the last Tailgate Competition of the summer. If you still haven’t been, you better hurry as time is running out. The last event for the year is on September 13. Click here for a complete schedule.

And I know you are dying to see the pictures from the tailgate competition… (which was incredible… and the prizes are even more incredible! So, get thinking and put together something great for next summer!)

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Twilight Polo in Virginia

Great Meadow, host of the Virginia Gold Cup steeplechase races is celebrating 100 years of polo in Virgina with Twilight Polo every Saturday night from May 31 until the 13th of September!

The Polo Club had over 75 playing members last year, and is one of the largest in the region. The festivities of the Saturday evening at Great Meadow are not limited to two great polo matches, attendees often have tailgates and picnics and stay after the games to enjoy moonlight dancing to the music of a DJ.

“The great thing about stadium polo is that it is an intimate and relaxed setting, and it allows us to play at night under the lights,” said Dr. Phillip Karber, president of Great Meadow Polo. “It is a unique event in that families can bring their kids, who can roam the grounds, enjoy the halftime entertainment, meet our popular ‘Polo Bear’ mascot, while at the same time the adults can enjoy summer tailgating in a beautiful setting with some exciting polo play to watch.”

The only Saturday night during this stretch that you can’t catch twilight polo is August 9, when Green Meadow will host a night of bull riding by Twisted K Productions.

Interesting tidbit: Polo, which is often associated with preppy wear and the Brits, was actually invented over 2,000 years in Persia, making it the oldest historically recorded sport!

Tickets for Twilight Polo are $20 per car or $10 a person. They also offer a limited number of seasonal tailgating rail spots and boxes available by request. Gates open at 6:30pm and the first match starts at 7pm.

For more information about Twilight Polo log onto Great Meadow here.


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