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Naturally Sweet

I’m loving this ADORABLE idea from one of my absolute favorite blogs – Twig & Thistle.  It’s the perfect Valentine – creative, lovey-dovey and well… sweet!  Click here for more ideas and FREE downloadable templates so you can recreate these Valentine’s at home!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you have a sweet day!  This beefy valentine is part of Haute Papier‘s new letterpressed Valentine line – I couldn’t resist sharing it with you food lovers 🙂

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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Chicago Tribune 2010 Good Eating Awards “Good Eating salutes those people in the Chicago-area food and beverage world who are making a difference through their passion, vision and commitment to quality. This year’s awards go to a range of experts, including entrepreneurs, auctioneers, consultants, cooks and cheese mongers. All have enhanced the Chicago scene with their accomplishments.”

4. – The Boston Globe Party of Two “We’re splurging on Valentine’s Day this weekend, buying luxurious ingredients, giving them our full attention, and eating well at our own table. Cooking at home is always less expensive than dining out – no waiters, no one to clean up for you. The sweetheart holiday falls on a Sunday this year, so make something early for the kids, usher them off to bed or a video, and settle in for a few quiet moments. This trio of menus gives you suppers for two with leftovers to turn into other meals.”

3. – The LA Times Artisan liquor makers navigate the market’s shifting tide “They were hardly prepared for many of the day-to-day challenges, such as navigating state liquor regulations, battling with large spirits companies for retail store shelf space, and persuading consumers to pay top dollar for a hand-crafted product. As Khosrovian and many of his juniper berry-obsessed colleagues have discovered, the daydreams of selling small-batch, hand-crafted spirits on the merits of taste alone are hardly reality in a business dominated by large corporate distillers with deep advertising pockets that offer similar, and often less expensive, products.”

2. – The NY Times A Viagra Alternative to Serve by Candlelight “Couples hoping to bring Valentine’s Day dinner to a satisfying conclusion may be tempted by the special menu offered by One if by Land, Two if by Sea in Manhattan and, in particular, the Black Forest dessert. It’s a chocolate pistachio brownie bar with chocolate meringue sticks, crème fraîche ice cream, cherry gel and sweet cherries. But beware! One study found that the scent of cherries significantly decreases sexual arousal in women.”

1. – The Washington Post It’s the Year of the Noodle “At China Boy, one of the handful of food shops in Washington’s now-sparse Chinatown, a couple of older Chinese men sit at tables, having an easy conversation in Cantonese. A woman brings them two orders of tripe soup with flat rice noodles, steam wafting from bowls. But there’s a lot more going on at this 27-year-old shop than mere lunch service. China Boy’s fluorescent lighting and Formica tables obscure its importance to the area’s Asian cuisine.”

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Valentine Crafting

Aren’t these just the most darling barrettes you’ve ever seen?  It makes me want to be a kid again, just so I can get away with wearing them!  I came across this great tutorial on Purl Bee with all of the step-by-step directions and photos you’ll need to whip them up for all of your Valentines.  Happy Crafting!

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