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The District Domestic goes to Vegas!

My husband and I spent last weekend eating our way around Vegas while visiting friends and I have so much to share!  A good vacation always takes off with a plethora of plane reading (aka restaurant research) and touches down with friends who live in the city as a guide – both of which were A+ for this trip.

It all started Friday afternoon with lunch at the much written about Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay. We ordered the Veggie Burger (I know, but I had to try it!), Kobe Beef Burger and the Black Jack Burger.  The tastiest bite was a toss up between their skinny fries and the zucchini fries. Even my non-veggie eating husband thought the zucchini fries were incredible.

Friday dinner was at Brand Steakhouse in the Monte Carlo.  We had too much to eat to list it all, but let me just tell you – it included every bit of edible indulgence you can imagine.  Favorite bite was the lobster mashed potatoes.  Favorite drink, their classic martini (seen below).


Saturday breakfast was at Bouchon Bakery in The Venetian.  Have I told you how much I love really good doughnuts? (Want to make your own?  Here’s my how to.)


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The District Domestic’s Guide to 48 Hours in Portland, OR

So it’s taken me a week to get it together, but here it finally is… my guide to 48 hours in Portland, which is just about exactly how long we had in Oregon last weekend!

Day 1: Start by checking into the Hotel deLuxe for old-time Hollywood glamour and posh accommodations.  The halls are filled with black and whites of famous movie scenes and the rooms feel perfectly luxurious, without being over the top.

Be sure to include a Saturday in your trip as the Portland Farmer’s Market is one of the best I’ve seen, but more about that later… Trust me, just go!

After purchasing all sorts of goodies for a day trip (we picked up cheese, bread, miniature cookies, pizza, apples and pears), jump in the car and head for the hills (ok, they’re definitely mountains), but anyway, drive east on 84 until you get to Route 30 (The Historic Highway, which is exit 17).  Now’s, the time to sit back and enjoy the ride.  There are plenty of waterfalls along the route to do mini-hikes of less than a mile to view.  We loved the Bridal Veil Falls and Multnomah Falls, both of which have options for longer hikes.

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The District Domestic goes to Portland, OR

Posting will be light for the next couple of days as I head to Portland, OR for a long weekend of culinary indulgence, which hopefully, I can offset with some hiking in the Columbia River Gorge.

I can’t wait to share photos and stories from the trip… Until then, here’s some great links for an adventure surrounded by food in the Pacific Northwest!

For a smorgasbord of information on dining out visit Portland Food & Drink.com.  From reviews to menus to forums, they’ve got it all and with plenty of user comments verifying or denying each post.

Food Carts Portland is just what it sounds like… A blog dedicated to finding and reviewing all the food carts/trucks/stands in the Portland area.

Many say it’s one of the best in the world… Portland Farmer’s Market

Not much you can do about it, but you can’t plan a trip to Portland without checking it 1,000 times… Just try… Weather.com

Serious Eats has a great guide to eating your way through Portland, as does Food and Wine with their guide to 48 hours in Portland.

Any recommendations on places not to be missed?  First dinner on my list is Clyde Common.


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Vacation Cocktails

lychee.jpgI have to admit, I have stopped ordering cocktails (other than the standby gin and tonic) in the states because they always seem to fall flat of my expectations. Either the ratio of alcohol to mixer is off or the flavor combinations are just wrong. Well, my faith in cocktails is officially restored. While in Bangkok, at the Peninsula we had the most fabulous array of mixed drinks I have had in a long time. Here are some of our favorites…

Another One Please – vodka, smashed strawberries, muddled lime and mint – all served in a rocks glass after being gently smashed together

Lychee Martini – vodka, lychee, and a splash of Cointreau (garnished, of course, with a fresh lychee and served up)

Mai Tai – the perfect proportions of dark and light rum and orange, pineapple and cherry juice. Served nice and tall, just the way it should be!

We ordered a daiquiri, knowing we love the flavors and were delighted when it arrived in a martini glass and contained only fresh lime juice, rum and a splash of simple syrup – none of that frozen slushy business here!

So will the reputation of sub-par cocktails still stand back in the US? I guess I will have to give them another try upon arrival when I get back. Know of a great place for delicious cocktails? Leave a comment and I will check them out!


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A Photo Tour of Thailand – Part 3

After a few days in Chiang Mai, we headed back to Bangkok for a little more work (and sightseeing) before vacationing in Phuket!

one of the vendors competing to sell beer to “farang” on Kao San Road

one of the arches along the road in Bangkok

Bananas and fresh fruit are available for sale for next to nothing EVERYWHERE!

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The District Domestic Goes to THAILAND!

I will be taking a trip for the next few weeks to the beautiful country of Thailand!


Stay tuned as the posting will continue (I am not going to lie, it might be a little lighter than usual) as I write about my adventures in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.


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