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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Globe A Good Year for Apples “Autumn is defined by fresh apples, heavy with juice and still bearing a misty bloom, picked from the branch, filling your mouth with the flavor of the season. Local orchardists are unanimous that this year’s crop is not to be missed. One says the fruit is “bursting with juice.””

4. – The Chicago Tribune The Wacky World of Fake Food “Why must man make mock food? Especially since it tends to be eminently more mockable than the food being mocked? (Take mock lobster—please—if you need a good example; one version is made from soybeans, then molded and painted lobster red, and sold at May Wah Vegetarian food”

3. – The Detriot Free Press Dutch ovens have turned from workhorse to status symbol “Dutch ovens, that is. After some 300 years as a staid kitchen workhorse, these heavy cast-iron pots have become must-have accessories for the cook who wants it all. And until recently, bragging rights could set you back hundreds of dollars.”

2. – The NY Times Momma, I’ll Have Some of Whatever you are Having “Jessica had begun making meals for Gracie, our 7-month-old daughter, following the recommended pattern for carefully introducing individual puréed foods. That all changed when she called me at work one day to tell me that she’d taken the food mill to the next level: since Gracie had tried all the basic ingredients from what we’d eaten the night before — my pasta Bolognese with mint — she had milled some up and watched with delight as Gracie happily finished every bite.”

1. – The Oregonian We Love Green Tomatoes “About this time of year in many gardens, opportunity hangs on the vine, ready to be picked — but it often isn’t. I’m talking about green tomatoes. ”

photo from The Oregonian


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Tip of the Day: Storing Tomatoes

Keep those tomatoes on the counter. Even a short period of time in the refrigerator can suck the flavor our of one of summer’s favorite fruits. The coldness of the fridge also lead to undesirable mealiness. So, pick them when you are just about ready to use them or store upside-down on the counter for a few days. If you have an abundance of them, make tomato soup for those cold months of winter and stick it in the fridge, you’ll be glad you did!


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Tips & Tricks for Terrific Tomatoes

As of the most ubiquitous and best-loved vegetables, it’s hard to beat the taste and scent of sun-ripened tomatoes (the ones in the grocery store are usually artificially ripened) and the best way to satisfy the craving is to plant them at home! Here are a couple of tips and tricks for terrific tomatoes!

Start with healthy plants – If growing from seed or purchasing plants from your local garden center, you want to transplant the short and stocky plants. The greater the girth of the main stem, the better! This means they’ve established a better root system and will grow much stronger after being transplanted outside.

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