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Vacation Cocktails

lychee.jpgI have to admit, I have stopped ordering cocktails (other than the standby gin and tonic) in the states because they always seem to fall flat of my expectations. Either the ratio of alcohol to mixer is off or the flavor combinations are just wrong. Well, my faith in cocktails is officially restored. While in Bangkok, at the Peninsula we had the most fabulous array of mixed drinks I have had in a long time. Here are some of our favorites…

Another One Please – vodka, smashed strawberries, muddled lime and mint – all served in a rocks glass after being gently smashed together

Lychee Martini – vodka, lychee, and a splash of Cointreau (garnished, of course, with a fresh lychee and served up)

Mai Tai – the perfect proportions of dark and light rum and orange, pineapple and cherry juice. Served nice and tall, just the way it should be!

We ordered a daiquiri, knowing we love the flavors and were delighted when it arrived in a martini glass and contained only fresh lime juice, rum and a splash of simple syrup – none of that frozen slushy business here!

So will the reputation of sub-par cocktails still stand back in the US? I guess I will have to give them another try upon arrival when I get back. Know of a great place for delicious cocktails? Leave a comment and I will check them out!


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A Photo Tour of Thailand – Part 3

After a few days in Chiang Mai, we headed back to Bangkok for a little more work (and sightseeing) before vacationing in Phuket!

one of the vendors competing to sell beer to “farang” on Kao San Road

one of the arches along the road in Bangkok

Bananas and fresh fruit are available for sale for next to nothing EVERYWHERE!

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A Photo Tour of Thailand – Part 2

So after a few days in Bangkok we headed to Chiang Mai to take care of some business we have there (and of course, to have a little fun).

bok choy on a truck going down the street in Chiang Mai


a sight driving down the highway

one of my favorite parts of the trip – a ride through the jungle on an elephant!

the night market in Chiang Mai that runs from 6 to midnight daily

the temple at the top of the mountain in Chiang Mai

back to Bangkok with more pictures later today!

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A Photo Tour of Thailand – Part 1

I thought you might enjoy a little “tour” of our trip so far in Thailand.

We started in Bangkok…

Bangkok’s Chinatown out the window of our taxi

streetfood in one of the alleys

Candies filled with marzipan at The Pullman Hotel in Bangkok

me working at one of the places making the silk folders

stay tuned for the first part of Chiang Mai tomorrow….

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I changed my mind…

Last night’s dinner at Salaloy on Karon Beach in Phuket, Thailand blew every other Thai meal I have ever eaten out of the water.


For starters, the restaurant is as casual as could be. With the seating along the sidewalk on the beach side of the road and the kitchen on the other, this restaurant served incredible Pla Tot Ka Tiem (whole fish), sum tum (papaya salad) and Tom Yung Kung Nam Koon (spicy shrimp soup). We had fried cuttlefish as tender as I have ever eaten along with crab and pork steamed dumplings as appetizers followed by whole fish topped with roasted garlic and herbs and another whole fish topped with red curry and fresh coconut. Other entrees included pork with yellow curry and fried tiger prawns.

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Best Thai Food in My Life!


While in Chiang Mai this week, I had the best Thai food I have ever eaten!

Our driver (whom we hired to drive us everywhere for an entire day for $50) took us here for lunch. The Thai culture is really interesting in that your driver takes you to a place owned by his friends (or Thais) and then he gets to eat in the back for free for bring you to the restaurant (this is also true of stores, where he gets a kickback for taking you there – I know, totally uncool, but how it works). Anyways, this place he took us to for lunch was incredible! The place (Khao Soil Lamduanta) was full of Thais (always a good sign) and the menu had no English.


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The Peninsula Bangkok


For dinner our second night in Bangkok we took the riverboat over to The Peninsula to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was by far the most incredible buffet dinner I have ever eaten! On the menu were Thai favorites such as Sum Tum and Beef with Red Curry alongside Western delicacies including foie gras, lobster and Wagyu beef. After over an hour of sampling savory dishes we moved on to the dessert buffet, which had a selection as vast (if not more) than the savory course. From lemongrass-infused crème brulee to Earl Grey chocolate pot de crème to raspberry mousse tart – there was something for the dessert lover in all of us!


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