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In Print: Clips from Food Sections


5. – The San Francisco Chronicle Posh Squash “Nature seems to have had some of her giddiest moments in the pumpkin patch, judging by the winter squash and gourds for sale at Bay Area markets these days. They have warts and bumps, ridges and furrows, stripes and speckles, and come-hither curves. Few denizens of the produce world are more alluring – or more confusing.”

4. – The Boston Globe CheapSteak “Call it the meat index. If you want to know whether times are tough, ask your butcher. “We are selling so much more hamburg,” says Charles Silva, owner of New England Meat Market.”

3. – The LA Times The Bagel: An L.A. Story “Friedman is not a stickler for a particular-size bagel and does not have a problem tweaking his recipe here and there to suit a customer, but he has been raised in a strict bagel-making tradition. Sitting in his glass-enclosed office looking out over his Brooklyn Bagel factory, the scene does not appear to have changed much in five decades.”

2. – The NY Times Eurpoe Relaxes Rules on Sale of Ugly Fruits and Vegetables “Misshapen fruit and vegetables won a reprieve on Wednesday from the European Union as it scrapped rules banning overly curved, extra knobbly or oddly shaped produce from supermarket shelves. Ending regulations on the size and shape of 26 types of fruit and vegetables, the European authorities killed off restrictions that had become synonymous with bureaucratic meddling.”

1. – The Washington Post Oolong, the Tea Lover’s Tea “Asking a wine, chocolate or coffee expert to pick a favorite is like asking a mother to choose between her children. Not so for tea connoisseurs: Oolong “is the tea that got me hooked on tea,” says importer Brian Wright.”

photo from The Boston Globe


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Just in Time for Tea

Something is brewing in Leesburg, Virginia!

victoriantea-4.jpgOatlands Historic House and Gardens, a National Trust Historic Site, was established in the early 1800’s by George Carter as a wheat plantation and became the base for numerous business enterprises until the time of the Civil War. Now the site offers seasonal afternoon teas, as well as mansion tours and self-guided tours.

I had the pleasure of attending one of Oatlands’ holiday teas prior to Christmas. The historic atmosphere is the ideal setting for enjoying scones, tea cakes, and a cup of the plantation’s own afternoon tea blend.

Fortunately, teas at Oatlands are not exclusively a holiday event! Upcoming spring teas will be held April 4th, 5th, 18th, and 19th.

Visit their site at www.oatlands.org for more information on how to have your own fabulous afternoon in this picturesque setting.


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Fabulous Find: Revolution Teas


Commenter Vicky Choy shared a couple of great tips for brewing green tea last week and mentioned one of her biggest pet peeves – when nice restaurants serve crappy tea in paper teabags. I thought I would share one of my new favorite tea companies – Revolution Teas.

Revolution Teas offers customers the convenience of “teabags” and eco-friendliness with biodegradable bags filled with whole leaf tea. As seen in the picture above, whole tea leaves are placed in these cool little triangle “bags” along with dried fruits and herbs, producing a quality cup of tea everytime.

My favorite flavors of the moment include Tropical Green Tea, Sweet Ginger Peach and English Breakfast.

Fancy little tea packages make such a nice holiday gift – especially when put together as samplers. What are some of your favorite tea brands?

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