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Get Gardening!

The Cherry Blossom Festival has announced the peak days for the blossoms (early this year) – April 3-9 and we’re now about 6 weeks away from the last frost in our area (April 10-15ish), which means if you haven’t started your seedlings inside yet, there’s no better time than now.

I spent Sunday working on preparing our garden for Spring, one section at a time.  I planted the Icelandic Poppies, which like the cold, still maybe frosty weather, carrots and radishes… Here’s a peek at the work I did in the garden and some tips on getting your seeds in the ground.



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Tip of the Day: Planting Seeds

planting-seedsWhen starting seeds that will eventually be planted in the ground come Spring, use biodegradable Jiffy strips that can be put right into the ground with the seedling when it’s time.  Plants that grow in these pots have much stronger root systems as a result of having to grow through the cardboard material and you’re eliminating the waste that comes with planing in the cheap plastic seed trays.

Simply label the pods with a permanent marker then plant away!  When it’s time to harden them off and move them into the ground, you’ll be glad you did as you grow strong, healthy plants!

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