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Bottoms Up during Inauguration Week!

martini1This morning the Washington City Paper reported that it’s official!  Bars & Nightclubs will be able to serve alcohol late late night in the days leading up to the inauguration in order to accommodate all the additional tourists in the city.  Now I’m not sure that’s a necessary “accommodation,” but I’m not complaining.  The extra hours means staying out later and more money for local establishments.

The vote was 9-4 in favor of extending hours of alcohol service at local taverns and nightclubs until 5am between January 17-21.  The legislation was introduced by Ward 1 Council member Jim Graham.  Cheers!

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A New White House Chef?

headshot2“It’s too early to say whether the next president will appoint a new White House chef, but a new restaurateur in town, Art Smith of the fledgling Art and Soul on Capitol Hill, has a resume that could serve him well if Barack Obama wants to make a switch in the kitchen at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave,” said Tom Seitsema in yesterday’s Washington Post.

Smith is known for being Oprah’s chef, and he’s cooked for the Obama family in Chicago.  OOohhhh things are starting to heat up already with a new administration on its way in!

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Happy Halloween!

If you haven’t carved the pumpkins on your front steps yet, visit SpookMaster for free patterns for carving your candidates face.

Have a safe and fun holiday!

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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Globe If they build it, will we come? “Today’s new restaurants are the results of yesterday’s plans, often budgeted for and mapped out years in advance. But as these places open, they need new strategies for hard times.”

4. – The Chicago Tribune Rising to the Task “Baking bread at home can be one of the most soulful, satisfying ways to spend an afternoon—especially when successes are shared at the dinner or breakfast table, or as gifts for neighbors and family.”

3. – The LA Times Political food for thought: Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin’s states bring a mix of flavors to the table “From the wilds of Alaska to Southwestern spices, from Chicago’s meaty fare to Delaware’s seafood, their regional ingredients can combine for a remarkable feast.”

2. – The NY Times Some Heavy Reading, Recipes Included “Once, all it took to cook like a chef was the nerve to push a live crayfish through a sieve. Now that the fall publishing season has delivered several hundred pounds of recipes from these international stars of molecular gastronomy, home cooks may want to prepare the kitchen with syringes, soy lecithin and a big bag of hero worship.”

1. – The Oregonian Getting into Sauerkraut “Slice cabbage. Add salt. Stay away for a really long time. Such is the mysteriously simple formula for homemade sauerkraut, the kind sold in crocks in old-fashioned German delis, eaten with abandon throughout Eastern Europe and that some remember as the smelly stuff Grandpa nursed along in the basement.”

photo from The NY Times

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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Globe In New York City, you can shop until you’re stocked “A serious cook needs serious tools. And even those who just dabble in the kitchen know that stocking the room with useful appliances and utensils makes the work easier, quicker, or simply more fun. For the lowest prices and hugely abundant selections, hop in your car (first make sure the cargo area is cleared out to make room for your purchases) and drive here, where the best kitchenware stores make their home.”

4. – The Chicago Tribune Dicey Weather Provides Challenges, Opportunities to Michigan’s Apple Farmers “This year has been a bad year for the Michigan apple harvest. Frosts in May and three hail storms in June and July damaged the apple crop with potential losses of 20 percent or more—and that’s if the crop suffers no additional damage before the end of October, when all the fruit is off the trees. But what hurts growers may end up helping consumers, who can find certain “value bags” of apples damaged slightly by hail in some stores this year.”

3. – The LA Times Cookbook Politics: Democrats, Republicans in the Kitchen “Maybe the cookbook helped secure JFK his narrow victory that year by pleasing happy squares with Jacqueline Kennedy’s recipe for crisp, light waffles (the secret is the egg whites). (It certainly won’t be Cindy McCain’s butterscotch oatmeal cookies that catapult Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain into the Oval Office in this election. Who cares whether she stole the recipe, which appears on the Family Circle magazine website — they look like leaden lumps.)”

2. – The NY Times The Anti Restaurants “Mainstream it’s not — and that’s just how the organizers like it. A Razor, a Shiny Knife began as a regular post-boccie Sunday dinner with friends and grew as those friends told other friends. The meals became more ambitious and eventually, anyone who turned up was asked for money to cover the groceries. It became what is called an underground restaurant, but it, and others like it, often have less in common with restaurants than with other alternative culture, like indie rock.”

1. – The Washington Post Pickle Perfect “The renewed popularity of a practice that just a few years ago was lumped in the same genre as knitting circles and baking contests is partly due to a return to retro. “What’s old is what’s new,” says chef Brian McBride, who always has something pickled on his menu at Blue Duck Tavern. (His current favorites are peach pickles, made with the crisper white variety.)”

photo from the LA Times

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A Presidential Straw Poll

And with the confirmation of the democratic candidate, the restaurants have started the fun. All of Chef Geoff’s restaurants will be holding a straw poll. Vote for the chance to win dinner for two once a month for a year!

For the recipes and the ballot, keep reading…

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