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Drink your joys or sorrows!

Here are a few options from around town for watching the results come in tonight:

Enology will be serving up red and blue cocktails with the most sales determining what channel the TVs are on… Fox? or CNN?

Town & Country Bar in The Mayflower will be serving up complimentary hors d’oeuvres for the early returns from 5:30-7:30.

Starbuck’s will be serving up free brewed coffee all day tomorrow.  Simply go in and tell them you’ve voted for a free drip coffee!

The Rookery will be offering a full dinner menu, 1/2 price Red and “Blue” Bull Vodkas and full television coverage on all upstairs and downstairs televisions.

Chef Geoff’s has Happy Hour All Night at the Bar… $5 Ciroc O’Pomas and $5 McCane Mojitos Everywhere… TVs with Volume so we can hear Norah on MSNBC.

At Eatbar mixologist Gina Chersevani will be concocting some highly partisian red & blue cocktails for the evening and Chef Andrew Markert will offer a few complimentary Eatbar snacks for folks sporting their “I VOTED” stickers.

Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, hub for DNC/DCCC parties and 85 members of the press (a labor hotel, btw), has just opened Article One restaurant and lounge, which has 13 huge flat screen TVs, signature cocktails including the very popular Palinitinis for Dems to “Take Down” and a fantastic bar menu. While the DNC/DCCC parties are invitation only, they’ll be spilling out all over — if Dems want to be where the buzz happens, they should have drinks and a bite at Article One.

Or head over to Cork for dinner or drinks with flat screens in the front room for election-holics. Diane and Khalid are former politicos and when Khalid’s not owning Cork, he’s still working for SEIC, so he’ll get results on his blackberry faster than Wolf Blitzer can report them.

Buzz will be tuned in between 8pm and midnight (or a bit later if necessary) to watch this historic election.  In addition to their new lineup of Buzz cocktails, the bakery and lounge will be serving up Josh Short’s “I VOTED” cookies, as well as great wines by the glass, beers and coffee drinks (for those in it for the long haul!)

At Rock Creek, whether Obama or McCain is your man, you’re all in it together.  So come to watch the returns, bet on which states will be red and which will be blue, try to guess the number of electoral votes, and even the Senators.  How many up?  How many down?  Who will stay and who will go?  Prizes will include such things as Maker’s Mark Republican or Democrat Bottles (once every four years…limited editions!), champagne, wine, and gift certificates for dinner at Rock Creek!

And if you’re not looking for a drink…

Ben & Jerry’s will be offering up free scoops from 5-8pm.

Krispy Kreme’s will be giving away free star shaped doughnuts to people sporting their “I VOTED” stickers.


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A Presidential Straw Poll

And with the confirmation of the democratic candidate, the restaurants have started the fun. All of Chef Geoff’s restaurants will be holding a straw poll. Vote for the chance to win dinner for two once a month for a year!

For the recipes and the ballot, keep reading…

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