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Tip of the Day: Fertilizing Container Gardens

One of the best gardeing tips I’ve ever received (and is reiterated everytime I see my mother-in-law during the Spring and Summer monts) is the necessity of fertilizing my plants that live in pots on the front porch and in containers on the balcony. 

Every year I say, yeah, yeah, yeah… I’ll get on that… and I do… About once a month during the hot, draining summer.  Well this year has been different.  I discovered Alaska Liquid Fertilizer and I’ve been on it… and on it once a month.  My containers look amazing – it makes me so happy everytime I walk in or out the door and see them. 

So, my tip for today, this week and really all summer is to feed your plants.  Water alone just won’t do it.  Give this plant food a try, just plug your nose while doing it since the dead, emulsified fish that make it up stink 🙂


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How to: Homemade Terrariums

On one of the overcast days last week, we scoured the woods for little pieces of moss and interesting ferns to bring the outside in by making miniature gardens. It’s really fun to search for the perfect inclusions and spend an afternoon getting dirty.

To start, gather a couple of interesting containers that you’d like to house your garden. Then grab a basket and a trowel and head to the woods in search of the perfect little plants

Upon returning with a full basket, begin by placing a few rocks in the bottom of your container to help control the amount of moisture, the fill with potting soil.

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Tip of the Day: Cleaning Terra Cotta Pots

To help ensure a healthy growing environment for your seedlings come Spring, it is important to properly clean your terra cotta pots before storing them for the winter. Mix one part bleach to ten parts water and gently scrub the inside and outside of the pots to remove any fungus that may be starting to grow. Allow them to dry before gently stacking them horizontally in a cool dry place (but not so cool that they will be exposed to freezing temperatures, or they may crack and break come Spring).



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