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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

CT Ingredient Game1014001.jpg5. – The Chicago Tribune A Guide to Food Labels “When it comes to packaged food, a short ingredient list has become something to brag about. Food author and activist Michael Pollan has been a major champion of this concept. In his frequently cited “rules of eating,” Pollan suggests avoiding products with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can’t pronounce.”

4. – The Boston Globe Dining while Driving “Studies show that more people eat in their cars, more often, than ever before, according to Stephen Bailey of Tufts University, an associate professor of anthropology and nutrition – and the food we consider acceptable to eat while we’re driving has changed. Once we were a nation on wheels. We’re becoming a nation of meals on wheels.”

3. – The LA Times Oyster Shuckers Gather to Compete and Crown their Champion “Standing in an inch of muck, a bunch of oyster shuckers are talking about knives. Not just any old knives or any old shuckers. The knife-wielding guys assembled this afternoon are the crème de la crème of competitors in the oyster-shucking universe. They’re here for the Guinness World Oyster Opening Championship, the centerpiece of the three-day party, now in its 55th year, known as the Galway International Oyster Festival.”

2. – The NY Times Stand Back, Yukon Gold “So growing Keukas here is a no-brainer? Cornell can only wish. Despite the problems, New York farmers continue to grow what their fathers grew and what consumers demand — the heavily marketed Yukons and familiar baking potatoes like russets — and most chefs prefer cheap potatoes shipped in bulk from the Pacific Northwest or Canada.”

1. – The Washington Post Rugged Grains: Tender Waffle “Early fall a year ago, having collected a cupboard full of grains, flours and meals, I gave in to my obsession to come up with a grain-brilliant waffle.”

photo from The Chicago Tribune

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Oysters Galore!

ldei-oyster-event-copyLove oysters, but don’t know the difference between Crassostrea gigas and Crassostrea virginica?  This is an event for you!  With this being the best time of the year to slurp oysters, head over to BlackSalt on February 7th to sample a dozen different oyster and learn all about them.  To reserve a space email lesdamesdc@aol.com or call 202.973.2181

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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – Baltimore Sun Nature’s Refresher Delivers an Icy Burst of Flavor “”Mint is the easiest thing in the world to grow,” says Miriam Avins, a Baltimore home gardener who acknowledges she’s not exactly a plant whisperer. “It just survives. You kill it in the summer with lack of water and in the fall it comes right back.””

4. – Chicago Tribune Hot day, Haute Dog!“Classic Chicago-style hot dogs are legendary, with their all-beef snappiness, poppy seed buns, neon-green relish and racy little sport peppers. It’s the summertime nosh of choice for many, residents and visitors alike. But there are times a classic needs updating…”

3. – Denver Post Showdown- Or How I learned to Grill the Perfect Steak “If you’re lucky, you’ve had that one perfect steak. It was probably cooked by someone else. It might have been at a backyard barbecue or a swanky steakhouse. But you remember the way it tasted the same way you remember your favorite scene in your favorite movie — vivid and a little wistful.”

2. – The Philadelphia Inquirer The Mayonnaise Season is Upon Us “My life is ruled by this question: What can I put mayonnaise on today? Of course mayo isn’t in the forefront of my thoughts every single minute, but it is my subconscious reason for approaching the refrigerator when most people open its door for, say, deli turkey, eggs, bacon, cheese for a quesadilla, salami, arugula, leftover meat loaf, or a pickle – all of which, in my world, go splendidly with a cold emulsification of egg yolks, oil and a little acid such as lemon juice – a.k.a. mayonnaise”

1. – NY Times Oyster Farmers Find a Boutique in the Bay “New York oyster eaters who want to look in their own backyard now have more choices than ever. In the waters around Long Island and stretching into the coves of a couple of neighboring states, dozens of boutique growers are finally getting a handle on the deceptively simple art of oyster farming.”

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