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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Chicago Tribune A Sophisticated Super Bowl Menu “Still, a crowd will gather in your home. Eating and drinking will commence. This can be a dignified affair. We consulted a few experts on how to serve a Super Bowl spread that just might replace the commercials as the highlight of the evening.”

4. – The Boston Globe Snack Attack: A Whole New World of Treats “Snacking is an art. Anyone can eat pretzels or hot dogs, doughnuts or candy bars. Those snacks are for amateurs. There’s a more vaunted level of snacking – more filling, more fulfilling – that expands flavors and ignores borders. Ranging from Latin American street food to Asian pastries, many of these snacks can double as light meals.”

3. – The LA Times Rise of the Modern Romaine Empire “A lot of times when food writers praise an old-fashioned ingredient such as romaine lettuce, they do it with a nod and a wink and more than a hint of condescension, like fashion critics chortling when a Parisian couture house sends its models out dressed in gingham and lace — “Oh, how very droll!””

2. – The NY Times When Chocolate and Chakras Collide “The words of Ziggy Marley’s “Love Is My Religion” floated over 30 people lying on yoga mats in a steamy, dim loft above Madison Avenue on Friday. All had signed up for a strange new hybrid of physical activity: first an hour of vigorous, sweaty yoga, then a multicourse dinner of pasta, red wine and chocolate. As soon as the lights went up, dinner was served on the floor: an (almost) seamless transition designed to allow the yogis to taste, smell and digest in a heightened state of awareness.”

1. – The Washington Post Professional chefs teach a home cook how to get the most from her kitchen knives “I was obviously a kitchen-knife neophyte. That was before I learned how to hold the chef’s knife — in ways I never thought a knife should be held — and before I learned the all-important (but frankly awkward) “claw,” a way of tucking the fingertips of my other hand safely out of the way of a cutting blade. It was before I learned a lot of other things about my knives, too, things that can make a home cook perform more like a sophisticated chef.”

photo from The LA Times


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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Chicago Tribune Turkey Tips: What the Pros Know Can Help You “Holidays can be a hassle for everyone, even the pros. The difference is the pros all have worked out little tricks — what the French call trucs — to make feasts like Thanksgiving a little saner. These tips are so simple you can easily adopt them in your kitchen.”

4. – The Boston Globe A $100 Thanksgiving Menu for Eight “For hosts, Thanksgiving often means spending half the month’s food budget on a single meal, this despite the fact that the traditional ingredients – turkey, potatoes, root vegetables, squashes – aren’t all that expensive. What jacks up the bill is the abundance guests have come to expect: a big bird, an elaborate array of sides, pies galore, and, most flamboyant or silly or obnoxious of all, leftovers packed up in Tupperware.”

3. – The LA Times A More Flavorful Dry-Brined Turkey “At first glance, the recipe is so simple it’s hard to believe there could be anything to add, but it’s in the nature of cooking (or at least of recipe tinkering) to always move forward. We’re like great white sharks that way — that and the whole eating-just-for-recreation thing.”

2. – The NY Times 101 Head Starts on the Day “FOR cooks, most Thanksgiving problems are brought about by the sheer number of dishes competing for the stove: It’s not easy to roast a turkey and sweet potatoes for 20 at the same time. The best solution is to make food in advance, like one of the dishes that follow.”

1. – The Washington Post Guess Who’s Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner “And what a table that would be, as illustrated above. When the Food section pulled together its favorite traditional dishes for ’09, we found that the collection represented significant figures of American cookery, Julia Child, James Beard and Edna Lewis among them. Then we compared notes about how we had updated their recipes. Mostly we had made subtle changes, such as employing newfangled gadgets or shortcuts. Sometimes it was just reducing fat or calories without sacrificing flavor, or using a spice that wasn’t widely available three decades ago.”

photo from The NY Times

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Oscar Dining

bestpicturemenus09_mainGreetings from Vegas  (I think I forgot to mention we’re here visiting friends for the weekend) – I only have two seconds to post and couldn’t help but share this link for Best Picture Nomiated Film Inspired Menus from Epicurious.com.  If your invitation got lost in the mail (like mine) check out their tips for great ideas for Oscar party entertaining on Sunday!

I’m feeling really into the Chocolate Apricot Kugelhupf, but mostly because I loved The Reader.  If you’re into being on the winning team, go for the Scalloped Potatoes with Coconut Milk and Chilies since it looks like it is going to walk in the park for the cast of Slumdog.

And though the TV takes care of most of the “entertaining” on Oscar night, much like the Superbowl, a litle healthy competition never hurts.  Print out ballots and make your picks for each of the gold statue wins – award the guest with the most correct bets with a bottle of champagne.

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