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Macarons in Target?

Yes, you’ve read that correctly.  Target (as in super duper big box store) has macarons!  They’re made under the Archer Farms label and were actually quite delicious!

There are two sizes available, a six pack and a twelve pack. Both contain six flavors: chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, coffee, raspberry, and lemon. The six pack includes one of each flavor while the twelve pack carries two.

I’m not sure you can get them at every location yet – they’re probably testing the product out at the moment. Check your local SuperTarget to see if they have them. They’ll be in the Bakery Department right by where you pick up your French bread loaves and cupcakes. Bon Appetit!


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Bakerella v. Tartelette

Two of my favorite food bloggers have combined each other’s specialties for one delightful treat…

On the left are the ones created by Tartelette and on the right, Bakerella.  Aren’t they just so stinkin’ cute!?

You might remember, last week, I finally whipped up a batch of macarons that actually looked like macarons.  We’ll that recipe is used is Helen’s (Tartelette).  Check out both of their blogs for more pictures and their directions for these fabulous little treats!


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Proper Macarons!

I did it!  I did it!

I finally made a batch of Macarons that actually look like real French Macarons!  See – look below!  I’ve been trying for months to master the macaron and thought I’d have to take a class or have someone show me how it’s done, but I finally did it!  I made them last night while watching the Super Bowl and literally, was jumping for joy when they came out perfectly with their little feet!

I am still hardly an expert, heck, I’m barely a novice! So, I’m not going to give you a recipe, just send you to this one from Tartelette, the queen of macarons.  Here are the pieces of advice I found incredibly helpful from Helen’s recipe…

  • USE THE SCALE!  This is the single most important tip (in my humble opinion)!  I am always amazed when I weigh something and then measure it, out of curiosity, and see how the measurement is almost always so inaccurate in comparison.
  • Helen talked about holding the bowl of egg whites upside down to determine when they’re ready to have the almond/flour mixture added to them.  I found this was the perfect way to make sure they weren’t under whipped.
  • When grinding the almonds in the powdered sugar, grind and then grind again.  Just when you think they’re fine enough, give them one more minute in the food processor.
  • Give them a rest!  After piping onto the baking sheet, let them rest undisturbed for an hour to form a little bit of a cap.  This seemed to really help them develop a beautiful top and little feet.
  • And finally, I was super surprised to find that when I baked one batch on parchment and the other on a silpat, the macarons on the parchment stuck LESS than those on the silpat.  I’m not sure why, but I can’t wait to make another batch to see if I have the same results.

Happy Baking!!!


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Happy Friday

Last weekend I hosted a baby shower to celebrate Erin & Cameron’s upcoming arrival.  I baked and crafted to my heart’s content and more… I love Amy Atlas’s dessert tables and put together one to surprise Erin, who is a huge sweet lover!  Links to the recipes are at the end of the post.

Lusciously Lemon Cupcakes

Caramel Popcorn

Very Berry Macarons

Cake Pops (stay tuned for a whole post on these suckers)


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Treats from Paris

Erin came back to the office last with a plethora of treats from Paris and I can’t help but to show how beautiful the food goodies are…

These are Pates de Fruits from The Galleries Lafayette gourmet grocery store in the basement level of their Galleries Homme (men’s store) in the Opera district of Paris.  Erin had first stopped at a shop that only made Pates de Fruits only to discover they were selling them for $60 a pound!  These are quite possibly my favorite indulgence when it comes to candy.  I love the concentrated flavor and the smooth texture.

I’ve made Passion Fruit Gelees on a couple of occasions and find this is the best recipe to use without making a special trip to a baker’s supply store…


The only request I made when finding out Erin was going to Paris was the Pates de Fruits, but she surprised me with a beautiful little box full of macarons from Laduree Patisserie that were to die for!   If you’re interested in making homemade macarons, this is by far the best method/recipe I’ve seen…



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