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37 Things to do with Leftover Turkey


Thanksgiving dinner is over and you have a mountainous heap of leftover turkey. What can you do with it? After all, you couldn’t possibly eat turkey sandwiches for two weeks straight. McCormick & Schmick’s serves more than 37,000 pounds of turkey nationwide, posing the inevitable post-Thanksgiving question,” What do I do with all this leftover turkey?” McCormick & Schmick’s regional chef Tony Marcello has done the thinking for you and come up with 37 creative uses for the rest of your bird.   

  1.  Thanksgiving dinner, take 2 – throw the previous evening’s turkey, stuffing and veggies in the broiling pan.
  2.  Divide the leftovers with your guests as a take home gift.
  3. Use it in lasagna for a healthy alternative to ground beef or sausage.
  4.  Hide it in chili.
  5.  Make a good old-fashioned comfort-food hot dish, complete with cream of something soup.
  6. Make a turkey pot pie.
  7.  Boil the bones to make a delicious turkey stock to use later for soups and stews.
  8.  Use the turkey stock for turkey soup.
  9. Create turkey omelets.
  10. Use it as a topping on bruschetta. Continue reading


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