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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

popup5. – The Chicago Tribune Stuffed Acorn Squash Makes a Hearty Entree “Acorn squash stuffed with apple-almond-cherry basmati pilaf”

4. – The Boston Globe Kids’ Menus? Oh Grow Up! “Down the street at the Japanese restaurant GinGa, Jack Broomhead, 5, is gleefully sucking down salmon sashimi and shrimp tempura. And at Dok Bua Thai Kitchen, Hannah Siegenberg, 10, and her sister Julia, 17, are drinking tea and sharing a Thai appetizer of dried shrimp, lime, chilies, and Chinese broccoli wrapped in spinach leaves. Hannah’s choice for where to celebrate her recent birthday: the Japanese restaurant Fugakyu.”

3. – The LA Times A Toast to the Caipirinha “Now that Brazil is slated to become the first South American country to host the Olympics, maybe Americans will pay more attention to one of its finest exports: cachaça. Made from fermented sugar cane juice, the clear, fiery liquor puts the defining kick in Brazil’s national cocktail, the caipirinha.”

2. – The NY Times A White House Chef Who Wears Two Hats “His name is Sam Kass. And when he’s not grilling fish for the first family or tending tomatillos in the White House garden, he is pondering the details of child nutrition legislation, funding streams for the school lunch program and the best tactics to fight childhood obesity.”

1. – The Washington Post Country Cook “Michael Psilakis needs a goat. He reserved one, but there was confusion about when the famous chef from New York would pick it up, and the village butcher sold it to someone else. Without it, Psilakis could not make the braised goat, the moussaka, the pasta with goat ragu or the traditional Cretan wedding rice, which is cooked in goat broth. Most of the menu he has planned to show me would be ruined.”

photo from The NY Times

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