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Hot Off the Press… Food Network’s New Magazine

It doesn’t hit newsstands until October 14, but we were able to get our hands on an advance copy.  So, how does it stack up to the stack of food magazines sitting in our living room?

Well, like the Food Network itself, it’s full of useful and tactical information as well as good ole’ fluff!

We are excited to try a couple of the recipes including Barefoot Contessa’s White Pizza with Arugula, but were shocked to find a few errors/cheats that are not explained in the recipe.  For example, there’s a recipe for Southern Cornbread Dressed-Up Chicken that calls for the inclusion of cornbread but does not include a companion recipe for it.  Julia Child is rolling over in her grave as clearly the editors are assuming we all buy premade cornbread!

One of my favorite aspects of the magazines are the “How to” sections.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I love cooking tips and tricks and found learning how to hack up a butternut squash fascinating!  Overall, it will be interesting to see what stake it claims in the abundant market of food magazines as it takes different angles than most magazines currently out there and is more about food, than cooking, which could be fun to read!

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