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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Herald Mmm… bacon (and more…) ” ‘Everything is better with bacon. It’s one of my favorite foods,” said Don Yovicsin, the owner of Jake’s Dixie Roadhouse in Waltham. “So when one of my friends mentioned the idea of bacon and vodka, it piqued my curiosity.’ ”

4. – The Chicago Tribune Old School Tool “Today, we’re looking at another old tool from the old school, one that’s still popular in professional kitchens but which largely has fallen out of favor at home: the food mill.”

3. – The LA Times Entertaining with an entree-free dinner “Let’s face it: Late-summer nights are perfect for entertaining but not so great for cooking or eating three-course meals. This kind of weather calls for a different battle plan for dinner. “

2. – The NY Times Even Chefs Have to Wait for a Table “Restaurant openings in New York are beginning to require the kind of planning that went into the Beijing Olympics. A few of the restaurants in this annual preview were also in the preview last year, prematurely, it turned out.”

1. – The Washington Post At the Dinner Table, A Comedy of Manners “It’s a cathartic job: You get to complain a lot. When the receptionist put me on hold and forgot, I not only had a beef, I had a column. And I had particularly juicy fodder the week the maitre d’ stuck his thumb in my espresso to verify my claim that it wasn’t hot enough. Thirty years later, that maitre d’ is still protesting that it was his waiter’s thumb, not his.”

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In Print on Wednesdays: What the Rest of the Food World is Talking About

5. – The Washington Post Toward Greater Whirled Peas The Post has has tested my favorite kitchen gadget to find the best of the best… the immersion blender! If you’ve never used one, I highly recommend running right over to your local Williams-Sonoma as it is something you can live without no longer!

4. – NY Times The Dairies are Half-Pint, but the Flavor Isn’t Small dairy farmers unable to stay afloat selling to the large producers are turning to making small batches of butter, cheese and creme fraiche.

3. – Chicago Tribune Food Movies that Deserve an Oscar “Tinseltown is abuzz. Top designers are working overtime dressing the actresses, and ballots marked with X’s are pouring into the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, all for Sunday’s Academy Awards. Among the categories, Best Picture … Best Original Screenplay … Best Use of Food in a Film …
Oops. They’ve forgotten that last category — again!”

2. – LA Times Who’s Got Pop? Newpaper food sections are winning my attention this week, first immersion blenders, then from farm to table dairy products and now, my favorite snack in the whole world…. POPCORN! The LA Times tested 5 different popcorn testers and compared all the others to my favorite popper – THE WHIRLEY-POP!

1. – The Seattle Times Martha Pays $50 Million to Add Emeril to Empire And last, but not least, my favorite (this really was a week of favorites) Martha Stewart – is adding to her empire by buying Emeril’s line of cookbooks and kitchen products!

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Miang Kum – A delicious Thai treat!


On our first full day in Thailand, we sampled some of the best Thai foods I have ever eaten. Among the delightful eats was Miang Kum, a delicious treat made out of many common Thai condiments and are served as a mid-day snack or hors d’ouveres for a party.

To make them, you start with the bi plu (which is a leaf similar to a banana leaf, but smaller) and fold it in half and then in half again creating a pocket for the goodies. Then you put toasted coconut, a couple of peanuts, one fermented dried shrimp, a piece of garlic, a bit of shallots, a piece of ginger and lime and as much of a chili as you would like into the opening created by folding the leaf. Then top with the sweet chili sauce and pop into your mouth in one bite! MMGOOD!

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