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Host an Oscar’s Party!

My only real blog read every day is Twig and Thistle.  Kathleen comes up with the cutest ideas and does an awesome job of following through on making such great downloadable materials to go with the posts.  Hop over there today to download all of these templates and more to host your own fabulous Oscar’s party.  She’s even done all of the work of making the ballots for you and your friends to vote with.  I love it!!!

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Fabulous Find: Colored Chalkboard Paint

So, I thought Chalkboard Paint was cool when it came out…  I know, a little nerdy (have I mentioned I am a math wiz!), but this stuff is seriously cool.  The company is Hudson Paint and not only do they make the traditional black chalkboard paint that I used to love, but now they make chalkboard paint in all the colors one’s heart could desire!  From grape to periwinkle to plum, they have a variety of shades in most colors (can you tell I love purple?).  The cost is $24.99 a quart, so it’s not cheap, but a quart goes a long way in talking me back to my days of Math Team.  Check them out here.

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Cold Weather Crafting

I love this DIY pinecone garland from Twig & Thistle.  As kids, my sisters and I loved to craft with things we picked up in the woods and had we thought of this idea, I’m sure our house would have been well strung with the fallings of pine trees!  Click here for the directions and more pictures.  I’ll be back from a couple days of letterpressing tomorrow to start sharing great homemade holiday gifts.

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Major Crush!

I have a serious crush on Amy Moss’s blog, Eat Drink Chic.  She’s a designer from Australia and comes up with some of the greatest DIY downloads.  Yesterday she posted a DIY Ice Cream Parlor/Make Your Own Sundaes Buffet concept, which is perfect for a wedding or birthday party.


The post includes links to download templates for all of the little paper labels.  Isn’t this just adorable?


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