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Surprise Anniversary Party – The Setup

This past weekend, my sisters and I hosted a SURPRISE 30th Anniversary Party for my parents.  Let me just say, I’m never doing a surprise party again!  While the planning was SO much fun, the stress of keeping it all a secret and telling fibs was just too much!  And to top if off, Old Man Weather was so cooperative with a week full of rain, that we had to change venues the day before!  Alas, the party went off without a hitch and was, well, a surprise!  They didn’t have a clue!  Stay tuned to see their reactions in Part 2 tomorrow!

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Pumpkin Paperie

Haute_Papier_Halloween_CocktailI know, I’m posting a ton related to ghosts and goblins, but I can’t resist.  I just LOVE the creativity surrounding Halloween!  Yesterday we shared a plethora of pumpkin-inspired papier on Haute Papier’s Blog including templates you can download and print out on your own computer for a Halloween Party.  Here’s a sampling of the cocktail menu.  Visit the Haute Papier Blog for much much more and the downloads!

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Major Crush!

I have a serious crush on Amy Moss’s blog, Eat Drink Chic.  She’s a designer from Australia and comes up with some of the greatest DIY downloads.  Yesterday she posted a DIY Ice Cream Parlor/Make Your Own Sundaes Buffet concept, which is perfect for a wedding or birthday party.


The post includes links to download templates for all of the little paper labels.  Isn’t this just adorable?


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