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Currant News

I picked up these beautiful currants at the Palisades Farmers Market last weekend. I love when the currants start ripening – it’s the sure sign that the tomatoes (the most coveted summer fruit) are getting close (mine are all still green).

There are actually two different fruits that we call currants: the tiny little dried grapes, which are often mistaken for currants and the tiny fresh berries seen above that are actually currants! They are usually named after their color – red currants, black currants or the rare, coveted white currants. Currants are closely related to the gooseberry, which puts them in that family of tart, but very flavorful berries.  They aren’t around for long, so if you see them this weekend, be sure to pick some up!

Here are some of our favorite recipes for currants:

Red Currant & Lemon Tartlets from Martha Stewart

Zucchini Tart with Curried Custard & Dried Currants from 101 Cookbooks

Semolina Bread with Currants, Fennel & Pine Nuts from Wild Yeast

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