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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

03note_span6005. – The Baltimore Sun Starbucks to Explore Value Menu Options for Menu “Starbucks has yet to offer many details about what Chief Executive Howard Schultz described to investors last week as “several breakfast pairings” at “attractive” prices. More details are expected as early as later this week.  But analysts wonder if the plan will be enough to keep value-seeking customers from abandoning the mermaid for the clown.”

4. – The Chicago Tribune Fish on Ice “For those willing to brave the cold, ice fishing yields some of the year’s best-tasting fish dinners. There are two reasons people ice fish: one, to catch and eat gorgeous freshwater fish that are at peak flavor due to the cold temperatures of the water they’re drawn from, and two, to socialize. Linda Eno thinks I have that backward.”

3. – The LA Times The Refrigerator Personality Test “I figured it was probably time to clean out my refrigerator when, digging around for a jar of jam, I found a roll of film. A roll of film! Remember those? How long it had been there, I don’t know. I not only have a digital camera, I’m on my second one. Clearly, it was time for either a major cleaning or an archaeological expedition.”

2. – The NY Times Restaurants Stop Playing Hard to Get “Battered hard already by the recession and petrified of what’s to come, restaurants are talking sweet and reaching out in ways they didn’t six or even three months ago. They’re cutting special deals, adding little perks, relaxing demands and making an extra effort to be accessible.”

1. – The Washington Post Stirrings of a Better Martini “He also has been using the newly available Old Tom and has resurrected the Martinez. Yet while Brown has nailed the historical accuracy, he also insists that the martini is not a historical document. ‘It’s intellectually interesting,” he says. “But on a certain level, who cares? Does it or does it not make a good cocktail?’ ”

photo from The NY Times

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Tip of the Day: How to Remove a Coffee Stain

Like with most liquid stains, get a dry, clean cloth, wet it with water, then blot your stain until it is saturated. The saturate another clean cloth with white vinegar and dab at the spot until the color is gone. Then blot with water again. Launder as indicated on tag.


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