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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Now that’s a novel idea! Thank you Martha Stewart!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the perfect dessert… An Ice Cream Float. Make it just like your mom used to, just substitute a bottle of Guinness for that root beer. Fill a large glass with 2 scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream, then slowly pour the stout over the ice cream. Enjoy!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the perfect dessert… An Ice Cream Float. Make it just like your mom used to, just substitute a bottle of Guinness for that root beer. Fill a large glass with 2 scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream, then slowly pour the stout over the ice cream. Enjoy!

You can also get some ideas for Irish food bites from FoodieView’s Recipe Roundup.

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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

477964055. – The Chicago Tribune Cooking with Kass “The Tribune star arrived as any star should, accompanied by an assistant, a cameraman and a six-pack of beer. I assumed all the extra beer was there to quell any flare-ups in the charcoal grill Kass had hauled out onto the Tribune’s 22nd-floor balcony. I noted approvingly that he donned a chef’s white coat and used hardwood charcoal.”

4. – The Philadelphia Inquirer Tuna, packed in questions “Think Southern-fried chicken, and chances are the next words that come to mind are “secret herbs and spices.’’ To me, that’s Southern-fried baloney. Prolonged immersion in very hot grease is not a method that coaxes out bouquet; the only elements likely to survive are garlic and cayenne. But spicing aside, the sine qua non of good fried chicken certainly is the crust, the best being a simply seasoned flour- or cornmeal-based coating delicately but thoroughly welded to the skin in a crisp, delicious synthesis.”

3. – The LA Times The Sweet Dream Team “Slap a generous scoop of ice cream between two cookies, tidy up the edges and pop the whole thing in the freezer until it firms up. How difficult can it really be to make a great ice cream sandwich? The ice cream is easy. You can really let your imagination go, as far as flavors are concerned, though you’ll be better off choosing premium brands — they tend to freeze more solidly than less expensive types, which often contain stabilizers.”

2. – The NY Times Turf War at the Hotdog Cart “In four weeks of business, the couple has been threatened at the depot where they park the truck; cursed by a gyro vendor who said that he would set their truck on fire; told to stay off every corner in Midtown by ice cream truck drivers; and approached by countless others with advice — both friendly and menacing — on how to get along on the streets.”

1. – The Washington Post Fried Chicken Four Ways for the Fourth “For every reason you can come up with not to make fried chicken, there’s one that can’t be denied: It tastes great, especially when served alfresco in the summer. To hit the trifecta of tenderness, crunch and temperature, you’ve got to fry it at home. Some people make it better than others, of course, which sent us searching for finer points on how to do that.”

photo from The LA Times

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For the Beer Lover…

glassInsulated glasses recently made their debut in the US at Japan-based housewares store, Muji.  These lightweight, double walled glasses are designed to keep beer cold.  Sold for $13 each, these make a great holiday gift for that beer lover in your life.

To find a store near you, click here.


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Beer Lovers Unite!

pict-brickbar1Men’s Fitness picked America’s Five Best Bars for Beer Lovers.  Making the list here in DC is Brickskeller… though I think they’re confused about it’s geographic location…

“This Georgetown institution has been serving cheap food—and offering an incredible selection of beers—since 1957. Housed in the Brickskeller Inn, the bar offers an exhaustive list of beers from around the world. How about a cold Zagorka from Bulgaria?”

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The District Domestic’s Guide to 48 Hours in Portland, OR

So it’s taken me a week to get it together, but here it finally is… my guide to 48 hours in Portland, which is just about exactly how long we had in Oregon last weekend!

Day 1: Start by checking into the Hotel deLuxe for old-time Hollywood glamour and posh accommodations.  The halls are filled with black and whites of famous movie scenes and the rooms feel perfectly luxurious, without being over the top.

Be sure to include a Saturday in your trip as the Portland Farmer’s Market is one of the best I’ve seen, but more about that later… Trust me, just go!

After purchasing all sorts of goodies for a day trip (we picked up cheese, bread, miniature cookies, pizza, apples and pears), jump in the car and head for the hills (ok, they’re definitely mountains), but anyway, drive east on 84 until you get to Route 30 (The Historic Highway, which is exit 17).  Now’s, the time to sit back and enjoy the ride.  There are plenty of waterfalls along the route to do mini-hikes of less than a mile to view.  We loved the Bridal Veil Falls and Multnomah Falls, both of which have options for longer hikes.

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In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Globe As Food Prices Rocket, Relief from the Depths “Consumers, squeezed by rising prices on everything from milk to eggs to bread, are finding a rare – and surprising – bargain at the fish counter: The price of lobster is going down.”

4. – The LA Times West Coast Brewers Pick Up the Distilling Sprirt “Ballast Point is one of a handful of craft breweries and former brewers on the West Coast, including pioneer Anchor Brewing in San Francisco and Sub Rosa Spirits in Dundee, Ore., that have taken up distilling. Like Ballast Point, these craft distillers started with a learn-by-doing approach, because aspiring distillers are forbidden by law from experimenting with spirits prior to opening a licensed distillery. (In contrast with beer brewers, who can experiment before they invest in a commercial facility — provided the alcohol isn’t sold.)”

3. – The NY Times A Cocktail Book Renaissance, Too “Greg Boehm was galled when prices of out-of-print cocktail books skyrocketed along with the popularity of cocktails, a familiar gripe of any drink enthusiast who has been ensnared by the anachronistic charm of old bar books.”

2. – The Philadelphia Inquirer Rachel Ray Going to the Dogs with New Pet Food “In the latest expansion of her culinary empire, celebrity chef Rachael Ray has launched a charity-driven line of dog foods based on recipes she has created for her pit bull, Isaboo.”

1. – The Washington Post Light, Without Being Lightweight “During the sultry Washington summers, when the whole world seems to wilt, beer drinkers would be wise to intersperse their brewskis with plenty of water and switch from heavier, high-octane imperial styles to lighter, paler, more refreshing beers. The move to so-called lawn mower beers doesn’t have to mean giving up flavor, however.”

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Brew Pops Are Back!

Diners looking for novel ways to beat the heat can once again expect Rustico’s brew pops to cool them down. The beer-infused treat is making its way back onto Rustico’s dessert menu this summer, and will be available starting tomorrow!

The brainchild of Executive Chef Frank Morales and Beer Director Greg Engert, the icy dessert ruffled the feathers of the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control last year, which resulted in them being removed from the menu. Well, thanks to the support of local politicians Rustico is able to sell its brew pops once again!

For just $5 a pop, you can get your hands on a variety of flavors, from Framboise, Cherry Kriek, Peche, Cassis, Banana, Plum and the new and improved Chocolate Stout!

What are you waiting for??? Head on over after work today!

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Fabulous Finds: From Vermont

 When putting together one of my favorite finds today, I realized that, in fact, I have quite a few that all hail from my darling husband’s home state of Vermont.

nutrition_cheeseherbfront.gifAmerican Flatbread (think pizza cooked with lots o’ love)
You can’t get much closer to wood-fired flavor from a frozen pizza than this. The cheese and herbs is great as is the Revolution, which is topped with mushrooms and caramelized onions. Available from Whole Foods Stores $10 each


Jasper Hill Farms Cheeses
Another set of product that benefits greatly from handcrafting are the cheeses from Jasper Hill Farm. My personal favorite is the Constant Bliss. Just like it’s name, each bite is so perfectly creamy and pungent that you feel as though you’ve entered a state of nirvana.


Green Mountain Granola
With no corn syrup and no Red #40, this granola is a grass roots as it gets. Containing almonds, sunflower seeds, pecans and dried blueberries, this granola is a great way to start each day. A 22oz bag is $14 and that includes all taxes and shipping charges.


Long Trail Blackberry Wheat
This is one of my favorites (forget the Magic Hat)! Long Trail’s Blackberry Wheat beer is crafted in the traditional wheat style with a few blackberries thrown in there, giving it a slight hint of sweetness and complex flavor. The brewery also has a tour and tasting bar.


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In Print on Wednesdays: What the Rest of the Food World is Talking About

5. – Boston Globe Contraband Foodstuffs Make a Most-Wanted List Think you can smuggle in those sausages and prosciutto from your trip to Italy? Think again, the customs officials at Logan know exactly what flights are most likely to have food smugglers. And watch out, because the fines (starting at $300) are hefty!

4. – Washington Post Someone Belched, and a Club Was Born If you have been toying with brewing your own beer at home, this one’s for you.

3. – LA Times We Tasted Chocolate – so you don’t have to If you are looking to find what chocolates are perfect for your holiday baking this year, read this as the LA Times Food staff tasted 23 dark chocolates to determine the bests!

2. – San Francisco Chronicle Caterers Divulge Their Top Tips and Crowd-Pleasing Recipes “The trick is to combine lavish and homespun, homemade and store-bought, and to have lots of fun while doing it.” Read this for more ideas on how to throw a fab holiday party and not kill yourself doing it.

1. – NY Times Is the Entree Heading for Extinction? With the rise of restaurants serving tapas, plates and sides the entree section on menus is getting smaller and smaller. Tom Colicchio said, “Eating an entree is too many bites of one thing, and it’s boring.”

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