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Haute Papier clients often ask, “what inspires you?”  or “How do you come up with all of these designs?”

Erin and I, like most designers, find inspiration in the things all around us.  I carry a camera with me just about everywhere I go so I can quickly take a snapshot of whatever I might encounter.  For example, last Sunday I found a vendor at Easter Market selling a bunch of California cases and old type.  Imagine my surprise!  It’s hard to track it down when you’re looking for it – let alone run into it while searching for furniture!

Which speaking of furniture, that’s from where the inspiration from this post comes.  My husband and i just refinished the hardwood floors in our apartment and now I’m working on buying some new furniture and reupholstering some oldies, but goodies and I’ve always loved Amy Butler’s fabrics.  I’m thinking about going with the bottom right pattern in the Nigella layout below.  Aren’t these beautiful?!

AmyButlerSwatches3AmyButlerSwatches2 Continue reading

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