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DIY – Leaf Garland!

Leaf_GarlandI’ve been waiting all week to share this sewing project that I put together last weekend!!!  Hurry out and pick up some colored leaves before they all brown to put together this garland for your door.  It didn’t take long at all and lasted for a whole week before a big gust of wind pulled it down.

Here’s how I made it 🙂  First, I gathered a ton of maple leaves and since it was early in the morning and they were slightly damp, I “oven dried” them!  Yes, I put the oven on as low as it would go and gave them about 2 minutes in there so I didn’t get my sewing machine totally wet when stitching them up.  DSC_0014

Then I simply ran them through the sewing machine (with white thread) being careful to make sure there were always two leaves going through at the same time so the garland had a full look to it. I just kept going until I thought it was long enough and then went outside and tried and it worked out to be the perfect length!

DSC_0029Happy Crafting!

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Egg Warmers

It’s not as if I don’t already have enough to do in getting ready for Easter this weekend, but now I’ve added whipping up some of these.  I couldn’t help but link to this super cute Easter craft since I’m going to rush out to the craft store tonight to get some felt so I can put them over everyone’s eggs on Sunday morning.  Thought you’d enjoy 🙂

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Make it Monday: Duvet Cover

I thought it would be fun to share some of the craft projects I’ve been cataloging away for a rainy day so you can make them too.  So, to start, here’s a great (read: SIMPLE) tutorial with some sewing to make a duvet cover that is actually in pattern you like from Design*Sponge.

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A Sewing How-to to Brighten Your Day!

Like Molly over at Purl Bee, I can’t wait for Spring to arrive. I am so sick of slushy snow, grey days, and cold temperatures!  That’s why when I saw her tutorial for making these super cute napkins with the little rick rack scalloping on the edges, I knew I had to go to and order some of Amy Butlers fabrics to whip up some of these super easy napkins and I had to share the tutorial!

Click here for the directions, step-by-step 🙂

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Valentine Crafting

Aren’t these just the most darling barrettes you’ve ever seen?  It makes me want to be a kid again, just so I can get away with wearing them!  I came across this great tutorial on Purl Bee with all of the step-by-step directions and photos you’ll need to whip them up for all of your Valentines.  Happy Crafting!

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Oooohhh la la

Swoon alert!!!  I am totally in love with these handcrafted little pumpkins from Danielle of the Thompson Family Blog.  I whipped up a bunch this summer and have been meaning to share the pictures and just haven’t gotten around to Photoshopping them. I’m in Buffalo letterpressing today and tomorrow, but will be back with chef of the week on Thursday.  Until then, happy crafting!

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Free Needlework Patterns

I stumbled upon Craft Gossip this weekend and was amazed by the amount of content I found.  From tatting to knitting, needlepoint to cross-stitch… it’s all there with free patterns along the way.  Here’s a sampling of the FREE Fall and Halloween patterns.mosaic3

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