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Fabulous Find: On the Upside…

52820.EE70CD27I am totally digging (well, not really since it’s hanging upside down), this upside down planter.  It’s the Boskke Sky Planter from Unica Home.  It’s built to hang upside down from a ceiling hook and uses a reservoir system to release water when the soil is dry.  The result, it requires up to 80% less water than conventional planters and needs refills as infrequently as twice a month!  Who doesn’t want that sort of efficiency for the basil pot in their kitchen?

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Fabulous Find: Italian Cotton Ribbon

I am swoooooning over Carta, Inc’s Italian Cotton Ribbons.  They’re imported from Italy, made from 100% cotton and come in a tight weave and a loose weave.  Angela Liguori has put together a lovely palette of 20 colors in both of these weaves.  Aren’t they divine?


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Fabulous Finds: Scout’s Honor…

You’ll have no excuse for not growing your own tomatoes this summer once you read this post!  Scout Regalia in California has put together this great kit designed to get your green thumb off the couch and into the yard.  garden_kit-01

The Raised Garden Box Kit is designed to simplify the process of building raised beds, which are perfect for vegetables!  You just have to pick up the lumber and the kit contains everything else you’ll need to get started (minus the seeds) on serving dinners from “farm” to table!

via Daily Candy

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Fabulous Find: The Original Muffin Top Tin

20090313-muffintinHow fabulous is this?  Serious Eats tipped us off to The Original Muffin Top Tin from Spoon Sisters this morning.  I don’t know anyone who enjoys the bottom part of a muffin – this is going on my list of shower presents for new brides!


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Fabulous Find: Sushi Guide!

image_1_resizedWe’re so excited!  The just released Blue Ocean Institute’s Guide to Ocean Friendly Sushi helps sushi lovers satisfy both their culinary cravings and their desire to protect the ocean all packaged up in a credit card sized expandable list.  The color-coded, science-based environmental rankings for species commonly used in sushi.  And includes information on sushi tradition and sushi bar tips, provided by experts Hiroko Shimbo (author of The Sushi Experience) and Trevor Corson (author of The Story of Sushi).

And we’ve got a bunch of them to give away – so, if you’re interested, email your name and mailing address to thedistrictdomestic (at) gmail (dot) com and we’d be happy to stick one in the mail to you!

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Fabulous Find: Bequet Confections

While in Portland last weekend we visited a bunch of sweet shops and I came across these caramels that were really incredible and inexpensive at CacaoBequet Confections hand-crafts ten different flavors of soft caramels that literally melt-in-your-mouth!  My favorites were the

Celtic Sea Salt

and the Chipotle.

I am a sucker for good caramels and we tasted plenty while in Portland and these truly reigned supreme!

They are sold in a wide variety of sizes and packaging, but I think the 8oz bag (about 30 pieces) for $9.95 is a great deal and perfect hostess gift!  Best of all, they’re natural… no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and no preservatives.


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Fabulous Find: Catch a Piece of Maine

If you love lobster and don’t live in the northeast, you’ve got to get a piece of this! Catch a Piece of Maine offers “partnership” it their company. For only $2,995 per year, they offer an entire season’s worth of lobsters caught in your own designated lobster trap (which you can monitor online), and a lobsterman to tend to it. You’re guaranteed at least 40 lobsters annually, sent to the address of your choice throughout the season. Each of your packages also comes with fresh mussels and clams, a home-baked dessert, bibs, and cooking instructions.

If that’s a bit out of your budget, you can buy a “share” for your next dinner party. For $249 (includes overnight shipping) you’ll receive a gourmet dinner for four including four 1 ½ lb. hard shell lobsters, 1 lb. Maine steamer clams, 1 lb. Maine Mussels, 4 servings Maine made desserts from local purveyors, lobster bibs, cooking instructions and recipes, utensils, wet-naps, sea salt, a photograph of the lobsterman and the date he caught your lobsters, and the DVD about the Catch a Piece of Maine lobstermen showing your support of the working waterfront and the values associated with Maine.

And, lucky you, they are offering The District Domestic readers a special discount of 10% off your next order. Just enter “district08” when placing your order.


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