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1,536,500 ways to say, “I love you!”

candy_conversation_hearts-60448_bsThink personalized M&Ms are so last year?  Necco, the New England confectionery company famous for conversation hearts, has one upped the Mars company by offering personalized  hearts.

What’s the catch?  You have to really love that significant other (as well as the candies) since you have to order a minimum quantity of 3,500 pounds!  Don’t worry – you can have up to 30 different sayings printed amongst the approximate 1,535,500 hearts – so you won’t be stuck munching on “be mine” for all eternity.  And the best part, they’re a steal at $2.25 a pound (or $7,875 for the minimum) – just don’t forget to tack on another $1,500 for shipping!

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