How to: Kusudama Origami Flowers

We’re excited to introduce Make-it Mondays!  Each Monday tune in for a new DIY project from the ladies of Haute Papier. First up is a little origami with one of our favorite papers from our friends at Smock.  We carry their full line of flat papers in Leesburg – come by the retail store to pick some up for your very own paper folding projects.



  • 5 square pieces of paper (you can actually use any size you like as long as it’s square)
  • glue or double-sided tape

How to:


Fold the paper in half, creating a triangle


Take the left and right corners and fold them up to the middle


Fold the same pieces down to the right and left outside edge of the square. What was the inner fold, will line up with the edge of the outer square – see the picture below…


Open up the pockets you’ve just created and press them down. The image below shows the right side with this step done, be sure to do it on both sides.


Fold the small triangles towards you on each side so they are level with the edges of the paper.  This is what makes the little “petals” on the inside of the completed flower.


Fold the triangle in half on each side, using the crease you made earlier.


Apply glue or double-sided tape on the outside triangle, stick it to the other side. This is your first petal. To complete the flower, you need to make 4 more of these petals and glue them together.



Happy Crafting!!!


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