Week of Watermelon!

Here goes… This week is all about watermelon.  Since they’re at the just coming into the peek of their ripeness in our area, I thought it would be fun to ponder different recipes, tips and tricks for this iconic summertime treat.  Stay tuned each day this week as I share another one of my findings…

How do you know if it’s ripe?

Obviously, without cutting a melon and taking a bite, it’s never a guarantee that you’re getting the perfect melon, but with just a few tips, you’ll be picking the best ones, more often than not.  Here’s what I do… First, look for a melon that is symmetrical in shape and heavy for its size.  Next, look for the couche – that’s the stop where it rested on the ground while it was growing.  This part is important.  If you don’t see the couche, it means the melon wasn’t ripened on the vine, and you’re not going to get that sweet flavor you’re after.  Finally, you should have a clean indentation where the melon was removed from the vine.  If there’s any bit of vine left on there, it was picked before peek ripeness.  Happy seed spitting!

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