Tip of the Day: Fertilizing Container Gardens

One of the best gardeing tips I’ve ever received (and is reiterated everytime I see my mother-in-law during the Spring and Summer monts) is the necessity of fertilizing my plants that live in pots on the front porch and in containers on the balcony. 

Every year I say, yeah, yeah, yeah… I’ll get on that… and I do… About once a month during the hot, draining summer.  Well this year has been different.  I discovered Alaska Liquid Fertilizer and I’ve been on it… and on it once a month.  My containers look amazing – it makes me so happy everytime I walk in or out the door and see them. 

So, my tip for today, this week and really all summer is to feed your plants.  Water alone just won’t do it.  Give this plant food a try, just plug your nose while doing it since the dead, emulsified fish that make it up stink 🙂


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4 responses to “Tip of the Day: Fertilizing Container Gardens

  1. I’m about to begin the process of my container garden. I’m heading to hold the backyard indoors until finally its substantial ample to be transferred outdoors. Also, I have one particular of all those greenhouse plastic coverings that I am going to hold on until eventually germination.

    I’m heading to be planting cilantro, basil, beans, very little finger carrots, bok choy, red cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers!

    What I demand is some last-moment information or gardening critical information. I have Jiffy’s soilless seed starting combination. What else do i have to include? Is it destructive to continue to keep the fertilized soil indoors?

    I never know just any facts or approaches that can benefit me 🙂

    OHOH! and amongst the veggies I’m likely to plant, which types must have special needs or which kinds want more sunlight, drinking water, or nutrients.

    If its cloudy… can I use any light as an “synthetic sunshine” or do i might need a particular fluorescent a particular?

    Even though waiting for germination, ought to i preserve the garden in close proximity to a sunny window or in a warm spot with no sunlight..

    Any guidance will assistance
    Rosemary Pelgar

  2. Seasonal flowering vegetation can be brought out when they are at their utmost attractiveness and then eliminated to be changed with other plants. Visualize how enticing you can make your patio with a assortment of spring bulbs and azaleas followed by summer months annuals this sort of as salvia and marigolds. In the fall you can switch them with poinsettias and mums. This is just a sample of what can be performed with container gardening.
    Rosemary Pelgar

  3. It does not matter if you are living in the nation or metropolis you can find someplace to expand a container backyard, even if it is just a tiny 1. If you do live in the town, as a substitute of by using your balcony to retailer bikes or your barbeque, produce a attractive, soothing out of doors retreat by applying container gardening and adhering to a couple guidelines. Go with containers that are colorful but will not detract from the plants you method to use. Use pots that are unique in shapes and dimensions. Decide upon your plants meticulously so that they compliment every other and suit effectively in the spot specified for your container garden.
    Rosemary Pelgar

  4. Now that you have planted your flowers, foliage, or greens in their containers, you might need to know how to treatment for them. Just like your exterior garden, container gardens call for nurturing to maintain the vegetation productive and healthier.
    Rosemary Pelgar

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