Social Safeway is BACK!

and back with a bang, it is!  Last night we had the opportunity to check out the store before it’s opening to the public this morning and I must say, watch out Whole Foods. From a nut bar (yes, I’m serious), to an extensive wine cellar (including Gaja, Insignia, and a plethora of other great bottles), to an amazing chocolate counter, it’s got just about everything you could want in a grocery store, AND MORE!  I’ll be a frequent visitor to the world cuisine section of the produce department.  Last night, it was full of fresh garbanzo beans, baby purple artichokes, miniature cauliflower and guavas – all in perfect ripe shape!  Hurry over to check it out – there will be food samplings throughout the store for the next couple of days!


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3 responses to “Social Safeway is BACK!

  1. Alex

    I stumbled upon ths while trying to find a magazine link my picture was taken for. Anyways Im the guy who made you and your husband a new gift bag. I hope that you all still shop at Safeway! Sorry that some of the people working there were not as friendly. Mind you though the mean lady was part of our backstage security team so they’re not used to having to be super nice. Anyways like the little blog and hope you will continue to shop at the Georgetown Safeway!


    • Hi Alex-

      Thanks again, and yes, I am a regular Safeway shopping! You were a great employee to make sure we were so well taken care of!


  2. Alex

    It was a pleasure. It was a celebration and no one needs to go home sad! Thanks for your kind words. If your husband and you ever make it to Germantown stop by the Safeway there!


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