In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Chicago Tribune Which Fats are Best for Frying “Good Eating salutes those people in the Chicago-area food and beverage world who are making a difference through their passion, vision and commitment to quality. This year’s awards go to a range of experts, including entrepreneurs, auctioneers, consultants, cooks and cheese mongers. All have enhanced the Chicago scene with their accomplishments.”

4. – The Boston Globe Follow that Chef “Events targeted at industry workers have cropped up all over town. In November, Franklin Southie cohosted a Fernet Branca Industry Night with the website, showcasing the Italian digestif that is a cult favorite among chefs, bartenders, and the people who love them. It grew into a monthly series that takes place on the second Thursday of each month at the South Boston restaurant; subsequent events have featured such beverages as St-Germain, Chartreuse, and Leblon Cachaca.”

3. – The LA Times LA Street Food Fest “Alerted by Facebook, Twitter and plain old word of salivating mouth, foodies by the thousands descended Saturday on downtown Los Angeles for the “first annual” LA Street Food Fest.”

2. – The NY Times If You Can’t Take the Heat, Don’t Read Me on Twitter “During last Wednesday’s snowstorm, the owner and chef of JoeDoe restaurant in the East Village, Joe Dobias, tweeted that his deliveries from upstate purveyors had arrived, but not fish from a local supplier. He didn’t post the supplier’s name, but the next morning, Robert DeMasco of Pierless Fish — who also delivers to restaurants like Daniel and Esca — called Mr. Dobias to tell him that his business was no longer welcome. Then things became loud.”

1. – The Washington Post Bison is Back “Gunpowder is a relatively small operation. Headquartered on 70 acres just north of Baltimore, in Monkton, with an additional 120 acres nearby, it has a herd of only 200 at any given time. But in an era of restaurant menus that enumerate not only every ingredient in a dish but also where that ingredient was grown, the six-year-old farm’s marketing strategy is helping to position its product as the ultimate locavore protein.”

Photo from The LA Times


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