Bakerella v. Tartelette

Two of my favorite food bloggers have combined each other’s specialties for one delightful treat…

On the left are the ones created by Tartelette and on the right, Bakerella.  Aren’t they just so stinkin’ cute!?

You might remember, last week, I finally whipped up a batch of macarons that actually looked like macarons.  We’ll that recipe is used is Helen’s (Tartelette).  Check out both of their blogs for more pictures and their directions for these fabulous little treats!



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3 responses to “Bakerella v. Tartelette

  1. Wow! Those are almost too beautiful to eat!

  2. your presentation is stunning. i want to eat my computer screen! i want to try it but it looks so beautiful that i wonder if it isn’t too hard for me.

  3. What did you think of Tartlette’s recipe? Was it spot on or a little difficult? I want to make these so bad, but I have limited time and want to make sure that I don’t have to make two attempts!

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