In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Chicago Tribune New Sous Vide Machine Put to a Test “You already roast a fine, juicy chicken, whip up creamy scrambled eggs and know how to braise succulent short ribs till they fall off the bone. Why, then, would you crowd your counters and empty your pockets to buy a $450 home sous vide machine?”

4. – The Boston Globe Super Bowl Party Food “Food editor Sheryl Julian recommends treats to keep your team pumped up during the big game.”

3. – The LA Times Who is to blame for obesity, and what should be done about it? “While experts argue over whether to blame individuals, society, fast food or families for the rapid rise in obesity rates, the perhaps more pressing question is what to do about it. The answers are pouring in — from radio talk shows, blogs, editorial pages — amping up the feelings of the already fed up.”

2. – The NY Times If Meals Won Medals “I was on the dock in late January, an advance man for the more than two million people organizers say will descend on Vancouver and its environs for the 2010 Winter Games, which run from Feb. 12 to 28. While in the city and its suburbs, I fed as if in danger of imminent execution. And I was able to confirm earlier reconnaissance: Vancouver is among the best eating towns in the history of the Winter Games.”

1. – The Washington Post Super Bowl Smackdown: Nachos “As far as we’re concerned, the most egregious fouls committed during Sunday’s Super Bowl will involve tortilla chips and melted cheese.”

photo from The NY Times


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