In Print: Clips from Food Sections


5. – The Chicago Tribune Peach Classics Reinvented “This is a modern peach Melba: softer, less composed, easy to prepare and just as good to eat. Low-fat frozen yogurt takes the place of high-calorie ice cream.”

4. – The Boston Globe The Kitchen is Closed “a drove of local restaurants have closed their doors in the past year. The cause was quickly pronounced: the economy. Individuals have less money to spend, and corporations aren’t wining and dining like they used to.”

3. – The LA Times The Pioneer Woman, an Internet and Publishing Sensation “Ree Drummond likes to call herself an accidental country girl and she considers herself something of an accidental cook. But there’s nothing accidental about the success she’s built combining those two.”

2. – The NY Times E-Kitchens can get crowded “As the digital age seeps into the kitchen, it’s time to reconsider whether too many cooks spoil the broth.”

1. – The Washington Post No Longer an Underground Sport “But she soon realized that the soul of Scandinavian cooking was not to be found in restaurants and cafes. She started learning about local food from Norwegian neighbors and friends; she found the right place to shop for fish; she went fishing; she started to experiment with traditional recipes.”

photo from The LA Times

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