In Print: Clips from Food Sections

492672185. – The Chicago Tribune Winekillers and how to Tame them “Pairing strategies for foods that don’t play well with others”

4. – The Boston Globe Everything Old is New Again “When Jewish families gather on Friday night for Rosh Hashana, there is always talk around the table of the good dinners a grandmother once made, or how a younger cook tried to follow an elderly aunt’s sketchy recipe instructions.”

3. – The LA Times Farmers Markets Fear Los Angeles’ Fee “Farmers market managers in Los Angeles are in a tizzy over a proposed city ordinance that would charge more than 20 markets tens of thousands of dollars to recoup the city’s costs of enabling their events, which could force them to close or move if new ways to cover the costs can’t be found.”

2. – The NY Times A ‘French Chef’ Whose Appeal Doesn’t Translate “Julia Child may have been America’s best-known “French chef,” but here in Paris few know her fabled cookbooks, let alone her name.  Posters for the movie “Julie & Julia” were plastered across the city before its release here on Wednesday. But the movie was being anticipated more for Meryl Streep’s performance as Ms. Child than for any particular interest in Ms. Child, the principal author of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” who died in 2004.”

1. – The Washington Post Dude, Its Adds Up “I am sick of reading about how the obesity epidemic is being fueled by fast food. I can’t stand that poor people are eating it because they think it’s their only option.”

photo from The LA Times


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