In Print: Clips from Food Sections

CT Wine Ice082602.jpg5. – The Chicago Tribune Why You Should Chill that Wine “Wine is like revenge. Both are best served cold. But just how cold the wine should be depends on type — red, white or pink — plus grape variety, flavor profile, quality level and even where it was made. Americans are generally faulted for serving red wine too warm and white wine too cold. I think there are two basic reasons for this: central heating and modern refrigeration.”

4. – The Boston Globe Just Don’t Call it Breakfast “Getting kids to eat a healthy breakfast that will propel them through the rest of the morning – especially once they reach school age – can be tough. Tight schedules, morning grumpiness, and parents who skip breakfast themselves may lead to half-eaten bowls of soggy cereal or the temptation to make a go of the morning with little more than a sugary snack bar.”

3. – The LA Times So This is Dorm Food “Duck confit, pancetta-wrapped quail, butter-poached lobster tails, fried zucchini blossoms — not exactly how most collegians are expecting to dine when they head back to their school dormitories this fall. But those are some of the dishes that may again delight the denizens of Norris Hall at Occidental College in Eagle Rock come this semester.”

2. – The NY Times One Restaurant’s Closing is Another’s Fresh Start “Recycling may be the hottest trend in New York City dining this season. Not turning used cooking oil into fuel or making tables out of barnboards, but recycling restaurants themselves. What else can you do when diners want a more relaxed, affordable setting?”

1. – The Washington Post Online Club Members Cook Together, Miles Apart “Think of the phenomenon as a modern-day baking club and support group. Unlike the neighborhood-based cooking groups that proliferated in the 1950s, the new ones involve men as well as women. Many members are professionals who recently turned to cooking as a hobby and say they don’t have local friends who are as enthusiastic as they are about trying new recipes.”

photo from The Chicago Tribune

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