In Print: Clips from Food Sections

23food-6005. – The Chicago Tribune Forbidden Foods “Barely legal, but delicious.”

4. – The Boston Globe Dates are Ripe with Tradition “Dates are serious business in Arabia, the Middle East, and North Africa, where they help sustain life in harsh desert climates. They also hold tremendous religious and cultural significance. This weekend, more than 1 billion Muslims begin observing the Islamic month of Ramadan, when they fast every day from dawn till sunset”

3. – The LA Times Virtual Cooking is a Hit on Facebook “Tom Byron’s restaurant, Pink Castle, is shaped like a giant nouveau castle, painted cotton candy pink and topped with blue fairy-tale turrets. The inside resembles an old-fashioned diner with comfy booths, checkered floors, balloons, video games and festive salsa music on the jukebox. Its most famous dish is a Pink Burger. Pink Castle has been such a success for Byron that he says he’d like to franchise it. On Facebook.”

2. – The NY Times Something Fishy “This is probably as true for diners as it is for fishermen. Bluefish is not a famous table fish; it is inexpensive and widely available, but you don’t see it in restaurants often, even in this ravaged-ocean, sell-anything era. (Some states have issued advisories limiting its consumption, citing high levels of PCBs in the meat.) The knock on it is it’s oily, it’s “fishy.” Its dark, compact meat is for cats, not fine, upstanding people like us.”

1. – The Washington Post Gut Check: When food is discounted, consumers should ask why “”Ask yourself why a processed food is discounted at any given time,” says Ellen Ruppel Shell, author of the new book “Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture.” “It’s not seasonal.” The answer, I guess, is that the producer is trying to gin up demand. Or that the parent company got a gush of commodity subsidies. Or that someone built a machine that can press twice as many Wheat Thins in an hour.”

photo from The NY Times


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