In Print: Clips from Food Sections


5. – The Chicago Tribune Versatile Cucumbers work in Soups or Appetizers “Often relegated to the relish tray or salad bowl, or pickled and left to languish in the refrigerator, cucumbers deserve some respect.”

4. – The Boston Globe We’re No Julie to Julia “We had just seen “Julie & Julia,’’ the movie about Julia Child and Julie Powell, the blogger who cooked her way through Child’s book. Child is an icon of cooking, and we are two people who like to cook. (Well, Devra cooks. Wesley just makes dinner.) But, we realized, neither of us had ever made any of Child’s recipes.”

3. – The LA Times Goji Taunts North American Farmers “Can it be that goji, the supposed legendary miracle fruit of ancient Tibet, is being grown in Dinuba? Nothing is surprising when it comes to this tiny orange berry. Virtually unknown in the United States five years ago, it is now seemingly everywhere, in martinis, granolas, nutritional supplements and even Lindsay Lohan’s tanning spray.”

2. – The NY Times Note to Myself: Take the Kitchen “Part of me loves to navigate the culinary wilderness of rental homes: the stale McCormick spices, the speckled enamel stockpots in which countless visitors have boiled their corn. Another part of me wants to make sure I can pull the cork from a bottle of wine and turn pork chops with a pair of tongs and whisk mayonnaise when I get there.”

1. – The Washington Post An American Blogger in Paris “Show him a tourist blinded by the City of Light, and he’ll show you someone who needs to be set straight. The city is so clean, they say. But you almost stepped in dog doo, he’ll say. The cafe culture is so rich, they say. But the coffee itself is horrific, he’ll say.”

photo from The NY Times


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