In Print: Clips from Food Sections

1__1247591912_90725. – The Chicago Tribune New Takes on Deviled Eggs “Deviled eggs scream of childhood summers, of picnics at the beach, lazy cookouts in the backyard, sunset snacks on the balcony or patio. There’s something simple and delicious about the basic deviled egg with its mash of yolk, mustard, mayo and paprika. But, let’s admit it: We’re kids no more. Basic can be yummy, true, but it can get rather boring, too.”

4. – The Boston Globe Which Pie Crust is Right for You “Everyone who bakes has a different notion of what constitutes a great pie crust: a certain method, a particular fat, a way to roll, crimp, or bake. We decided it was time to taste – not to try every technique and pie crust formula on earth, but to make enough pie crusts to discover which fat is best.”

3. – The LA Times Sheer Elegance in a Frozen Souffle “What’s a town gotta do to gain some cachet? The city of Napa has new homes, new hotels, new shops and new restaurants. The once-neglected river that runs through town has been reclaimed, historic buildings have been restored, and developers have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into downtown. Even though it’s not nestled amid vineyards and the main street into downtown is lined with shopping centers and car dealerships, a year ago the valley’s namesake city (long considered the poor stepsister to Yountville and St. Helena) was being touted as a destination in its own right.”

2. – The NY Times I Was a Baby Bulimic “Maybe not baby — toddler bulimic is more like it, though I didn’t so much toddle as wobble, given the roundness of my expanding form. I was a plump infant and was on my way to becoming an even plumper child, a ravenous machine determined to devour anything in its sights. My parents would later tell me, my friends and anyone else willing to listen that they’d never seen a kid eat the way I ate or react the way I reacted whenever I was denied more food. What I did in those circumstances was throw up.”

1. – The Washington Post The Next Course “That’s the question Obama’s food policy team is working on this summer. The garden was always intended “as a jumping-off point for getting to what sometimes can be a complicated conversation about how we eat [and] the food choices we make,” Obama policy director Jocelyn Frye said in an interview. But as it moves beyond the symbolic to those meatier matters, the White House is grappling with the very issues that have challenged the so-called good food movement for decades: How do you simplify and sell a new way of eating?”

comic from The Boston Globe


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