With the heat of summer upon us, there’s not much better than cool, refreshing cocktail to bring the work day to a close.  While in sweltering Kansas City this past weekend, we settled into the bar at Pot Pie (which is charming and has a well stocked bar, btw) after a long day in the sun.  When the bartender swaggered over to satiate our palates while we waited for our table, I insisted our friends try my cool-as-a -cucumber Hendricks g and t.  I’ve been a fan for a while, but still, every time I bring my lips to the glass for the first sip of this delightful beverage, I am, once again, hooked.  Give it a try – I dare you – and 5:00 might just begin to come earlier…



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One response to “G&Ts

  1. Dianne Murphy

    Oh my gosh – was at a wedding at Goodstone and had it this weekend – LOVED IT – new summer cocktail – thanks for the recipe – I’m picking up the gin on the way home 🙂

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