In Print: Clips from Food Sections

CT Vinaigrette2707.jpg

5. – The Chicago Tribune Splash It On “It takes longer to spell vinaigrette than it does to make it. Vinegar. Oil. Salt. Pepper. Mix it up. Splash it on the season’s first greens.  Master this classic French dressing, and you’ll understand why chefs call it one of the great sauces. Start with a simple recipe or the classic proportions: 1 part vinegar to 3 or 4 parts oil.  Taste. Consider the elements of your salad. Adjust.  Now improvise.”

4. – The Boston Globe Your BYO Best “For as long as any of us can remember, this free-form method of sharing food has served every community: at church suppers, family celebrations, and end-of-year parties for the soccer team, dance class, school choir, and kindergarten.”

3. – The LA Times The Cupcake Abides “Like a Hollywood ingenue, cupcakes have been exposed every which way — high-end and low, fancy and down-home. But unlike those pretty young things, the cupcake’s time in the sun goes on and on.  Cupcakes may seem so 2004, but these little paper-clad stars just keep soaking in the love.”

2. – The NY Times Bar? What Bar? “There are a lot of bars like this right now. They can be found all over the United States, skulking in the shadows. Obtrusively furtive, they represent one of the strangest exercises in nostalgia ever to grip the public, an infatuation with the good old days of Prohibition.”

1. – The Washington Post A Few of Our Favorite Things “Sure, you’re cooking more at home now. That’s what a furloughed paycheck, a pink slip or a benefits cut will do: make restaurant meals seem indulgent. Gadget manufacturers would naturally have you believe that despite your economic anxiety, this is the perfect opportunity to buy that corn zipper or motorized ice cream maker or silicone-coated whisk. After all, the thinking goes, if you’re not eating out, you surely need help cooking in.”

photo from The Chicago Tribune

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