New York Dining!

I’m in New York for the next week for The National Stationery Show and before the show starts on Sunday, I’ll be eating my way around the city.  Dinner last night was at 5 Napkin Burger and unfortunately, and fortunately (it depends on who you ask) lunch today was at Ikea when we realized we were one curtain short for our booth.  Below, my husband is frantically cleaning, ironing, hanging, planting, building and doing any other necessary manual labor to keep me happy so we can be out of the Javits Center early enough for a nice dinner at Esca.DSC_0032What else is on the list you ask?

I’m desperate to try Sullivan Street Bakery for breakfast and maybe Co. (pronounced company), Jim Lahey’s pizza creation for lunch.

I’m a sucker for Mary’s Fish Camp, though have told myself to tackle all new places this trip, so maybe dinner will be trying to get into Tom Colicchio’s Craft’s Damon: Frugal Friday.  And that just gets me to Saturday morning, which will have to include Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center!  Any suggestions on other places I must eat in the next week?!



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4 responses to “New York Dining!

  1. bridget

    you have to try MAX – its in the East Village – the address is 51 Avenue B – soo it’s like B and 2nd I think? only take cash – amazing sangria and they serve all the dishes in mis matched clay dishes – fab.

  2. Hockley

    I hear the jelly doughnuts at Bouchon are out of this world. Wish I could be there sampling.

  3. melissamccart

    Prune! Love it. And–since it’s raining– if you can sneak away for a civilized drink, it’s fun to go to Campbell’s Apartment. Not artisanal cocktails, but so much fun to lounge in his old apt tucked away in Grand Central.

  4. Janet

    Hi ..ive come to your site because i was searching for a lovely image of cherry blossoms – is the one on your site available for download? if not, is there anywhere i could access that pic…i’d like to blow it up for a digital picture over my fireplace…
    cheers janet

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