In Print: Clips from Food Sections

465838115. – The Chicago Tribune Caffine Crazy “Even in this bumpy economy, Americans are holding on tight to their coffee cups. That’s the word from the National Coffee Association, whose latest study finds American coffee consumption holding steady in this recession. One change, though, is that we’re making and drinking more joe at home — in fact, 5 percent more than we did a year prior.”

4. – The Boston Globe Kelp: something different from the sea “Kelp noodles are exactly what they sound like: seaweed in long, green strips cut to the rough dimensions of linguine. “Ingredients: Kelp,” reads the package.”

3. – The LA Times A Short Path to Shortcake Nirvana “Many years ago, when I was younger and even more foolish than today, I took it upon myself to perfect the shortcake. I spent a week going through a dozen or so recipes from my favorite writers, cooking them, plotting the ingredients on a spreadsheet and then testing different combinations until I came up with the shortcake of my dreams.”

2. – The NY Times It May Be Cheap, But It’s Also Tasty “Most people don’t look for adventure in supermarket meat bins. But those cuts with baffling names and alluring prices fascinate me. Beef chuck deckle, $1.99 a pound! Beef chuck seven-bone steak, $2.69! The mystery of these cuts’ labels, I learned, was what kept down their price. With the right techniques, a lot of unfamiliar meats in the supermarket can be more delicious than more expensive cuts.”

1. – The Washington Post A Squeeze for Tomato Growers “Appalled by instances of what federal prosecutors have described as slavery, executives of one of the nation’s largest food service companies promise to boycott Florida tomatoes if growers do not agree to improve conditions and increase pay for farmworkers. Bon Appetit Management today will issue a strict set of standards that farm worker advocates call a “rough draft” of the future of fairly produced food. If no grower agrees, the company is set to stop serving tomatoes on salad bars and sandwiches at its more than 400 college and corporate cafes across the country.”

photo from The LA Times

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