Super Succulents


I love succulents.  It took a while, but after a trip to Phoenix in February, I was hooked.  As a child my Nona always had chicks and hens or hens and chicks – whichever is the proper name – growing out of the rocks in her garden.  I remember thinking the texture of their leaves was so different and unusual for a “lush” climate like Western New York.  We’ll I’m back to the gravy train of succulents…

I came across this wreath on Design Sponge when reading about flora grubb gardens in San Francisco.  Click here for the interview with Jess, the owner, and some tips for green gardening.


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3 responses to “Super Succulents

  1. Ivy

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS WREATH! And I don’t like succulents. 🙂

    BTW -Great blog!

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  3. What a gorgeous wreath! That would be great year-round, and just add a spark of gold ribbon in December. Wow!

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