Pot Pointers: Building the Perfect Container Garden

container-gardenPutting together luscious flower pots that will last all summer on your patio or front steps is easy if you follow a couple of simple tips…

  • Good watering practices are key for plants in containers.  Plants will thrive when the soil moisture is consistent – and usually that means watering everyday.
  • Make sure all the plants in the pot have similar hydration needs.  For example putting a succulent, like sedum with a thirsty plant, like a geranium isn’t going to work out well as they’ll never both be getting what they most need.  
  • The bigger the pot, the longer you can go without having to rewater the plants.  Start with the largest pot you can manage and you might prevent yourself from water twice a day in the dog days of summer.
  • Proper drainage maters.  Allowing a pot to sit in a puddle of water is not a substitute for watering.  In fact, it just increases the chance you’ll have a mosquito haven in your back yard.

If you’re looking for inspiration for interesting container gardens, Cottage Living has some beautiful ideas here


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