In Print: Clips from Food Sections

butchers-twine-category-lifestyle5. – The Chicago Tribune The Ties that Bind “Twine is one of those kitchen tools, like plastic wrap and parchment or wax paper, that we often take for granted. But consider how many ways you already use it—and allow for a few new ones—and you might want to pick up a few more rolls the next time you’re at the hardware store.”

4. – The Boston Globe Dogfish Brewery founder is always learning new tricks “Among other ingredients, Calagione adds vanilla beans, chicory, cocoa, raisins, and maple syrup to various brews. But, he says, they don’t do it just to be different. “Each ingredient has to add something beneficial to the liquid.” (The maple syrup comes from the Western Massachusetts farm Calagione bought from his parents last year.)”

3. – The LA Times Food Club brings longtime friends back to the table “One Saturday night in May 1964, a group of friends from UCLA and their wives gathered together for a dinner that whimsically celebrated the French Revolution. There were crepes, fromages, French wines and true Champagne.  It was so much fun they decided to do it again the following month. And the month after that.”

2. – The NY Times Showdown at the Coffee Shop “For the last decade the big three — pink packets of saccharin, aspartame in blue and sucralose in yellow — have fought to a kind of stalemate. But now a new player, dressed in green, hopes to shift the balance of power, opening up the $1.2-billion-a-year world of fake sugar to all kinds of changes.”

1. – The Washington Post Baby, that’s Good! “Moms and dads of the mostly stay-put set (8 months and younger; about a dozen total in tow) plus a few parents-to-be have come to find out whether making baby food is something they can handle.”


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