Bacon, Oh Bacon!

I was totally smitten upon seeing this great idea for bacon…

bacon-cups-11bacon-cups-3I tried it out last week (when I was camera-less) and it was pretty easy.  The most important thing is to keep checking the microwave while the bacon is cooking to make sure it is staying in place.  Also, once the bacon was finished cooking, I immediately removed the paper towels, while burning my fingertips, and reshaped the baskets while the bacon was still hot and somewhat mold-able.  Happy Bacon Eating!

I apologize to whomever these pictures belong to – I’d love to link back to you, I just can’t remember who or where you are!  Please let me know and I’d be happy to give you credit!



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2 responses to “Bacon, Oh Bacon!

  1. I love them, our first bacon is arriving today, from our british lops, can i use the pics on my site?

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