Get Gardening!

The Cherry Blossom Festival has announced the peak days for the blossoms (early this year) – April 3-9 and we’re now about 6 weeks away from the last frost in our area (April 10-15ish), which means if you haven’t started your seedlings inside yet, there’s no better time than now.

I spent Sunday working on preparing our garden for Spring, one section at a time.  I planted the Icelandic Poppies, which like the cold, still maybe frosty weather, carrots and radishes… Here’s a peek at the work I did in the garden and some tips on getting your seeds in the ground.



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  1. What a sweet garden. I love the little stone edging you have. I hope you keep posting pics of your garden as it grows! We are still dodging threats of snow flurries here in Minnesota! Although many gardeners planted their cool-season crops, like peas and broccoli, a month ago. But my husband and I just bought a house last summer, so we have to create the garden space before we can plant. So far: compost bin constructed. Happy gardening!

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